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List items include: God/Goddess; Religion; Brief Description
A'as Hittite; Troy god of wisdom; similar to Enki.
Aah (Iah) Egypt; Hyksos Moon god.
Abraham Christianity; Judaism Hebrew prophet who first settled in the area of modern Israel. (aka Ibrahim in Islam)
Abzu Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Sumer god of fresh water and lover of Tiamat.
Adad Assyria; Urartu See Ramman.
Adam Christianity; Islam; Judaism first man on earth and husband of Eve.
Adapan Sumer first man (similar to Adam); created world; gave speech to man.
Ah Lish Egypt Being with supreme intelligence, power, glory and justice. (see explanation)
Ahriman Parthia; Persia; Sassanid Zoroastrian god of darkness; introduced death into world; brother of Ahura-Mazda.
Ahura-Mazda Parthia; Persia; Sassanid Zoroastrian god of goodness and knowledge; Lord of Wisdom; god of creation; brother of Ahriman.
Ainu Japan bear sacrifice ritual.
Ali Islam Ali ibn Abi Talib (Shia sect), son-in-law of Muhammad.
Allah Islam God of all.
Al-Lat Palmyra; Petra great goddess; daughter of Hubal. Likewise worshipped in Palmyra. Known as Allatu at Carthage.
Allatu Carthage goddess of underworld; worshipped as Al-Lat at Petra and Palmyra.
Al-Uzzá Palmyra; Petra goddess of love (Venus); daughter of Hubal. Likewise worshipped in Palmyra.
Amaru Incan deity of the underworld; refers to its land (aka America).
Amaterasu Japan Sun goddess
Amon (Amun) Egypt; Hyksos midday Sun god; also represented by Jupiter; chief god of Egypt. Similar to Zeus in ancient Greece.
Amun-Re Egypt; Hyksos supreme god of the New Kingdom (1550-1090 BC); merging of Amon and Re. Consort was Mut.
Anahita Babylon; Parthia; Persia; Rome; Sassanid fertility goddess (Venus); virgin mother of Mithras.
Ananaki Akkadia; Assyria; Babylon; Sumeria the fallen ones (deities of kingdoms in Mesopotamia).
Anath Caananites in Israel; Lydia; Philistines; Phoenicia; Ugarit goddess; consort and sister of Baal.
Andrew Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; brother of Peter; crucified at Patras in Greece.
Anshar Akkad; Sumer sky god; husband and brother of Kishar; father of Enlil.
Anu (An) Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Kassite; Sumer supreme god of heaven and kingship; consort of Ki; father of Enki, Enlil and Ishtar.
Anubis Egypt; Hyksos jackal god; protector of the dead and embalming. "God of the white land" (land of the dead).
Anumati Hindu Moon goddess.
Anunnaki Sumer four gods of creation.
Apep Egypt god of darkness and chaos (represented by snake).
Aphrodite Athens; Sparta goddess of love (Venus). Known as Ishtar in Egypt and Ugarit.
Apollo Alexander; Athens; Rome; Sparta god of light and truth; son of Zeus and Leto; twin brother of Artemis.
Apu Illapu Incan god of rain.
Ares Alexander; Athens; Sparta god of war (Mars).
Ariadne Minoan goddess of labyrinths; daughter of king Minos and queen Pasiphaë; wife of Dionysus.
Arinniti Hittite; Troy Sun goddess.
Artemis Alexander; Athens; Lydia; Sparta goddess of hunt and Moon; daughter of Zeus and Leto; twin sister of Apollo.
Aruna Hittite; Troy god of the sea; mother of Kamrusepa.
Arubani Urartu goddess of art and fertility (Venus); wife of Haldi.
Aserdus Hittite; Troy fertility goddess (Venus); wife of Elkunirsa.
Asgard Vikings Home of the Norse gods.
Asherah Caananites in Israel; Philistines; Phoenicia fertility goddess (Venus); consort of El; mother of Baal.
Ashnan Sumer goddess of grain; sister of Lahar
Ashur Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Kassite; Sumer god of war (Mars); consort of Ishtar.
Astarte Athens; Sparta fertility goddess (Venus). Also known as Ishtar in the Near East and Egypt.
Asterios Lydia river god.
Atergätis Lydia fertility goddess (Venus).
Athena Alexander; Athens; Sparta; Troy goddess of law and wisdom.
Atlas Alexander; Athens; Sparta titan who hefts earth.
Attis Lydia god of vegetation; son of Cybele.
Atum Egypt god of setting Sun (wholeness). Sole god of pharaoh Akhenaten. Also known as the Superior Sun (Saturn)
Aucayoc Incan god of war (Mars)
Ayar Cachi Incan god of earthquakes.
Baal Carthage; Palmyra; Petra; Philistines; Phoenicia; Ugarit god of war (Mars) and weather; son of Asherah and El; brother and consort of Anath; brother of Mot and Yamm; aka Hadad (Thunderer); often mentioned in Bible/Old Testament.
Baba (Bau) Akkad goddess of healing; similar to Nintinugga
Bacab Mayan god of the underworld.
Bagvarti Urartu wife of Haldi.
Baki Lydia god of grape harvest; similar to Dionysus.
Banded-Eye Olmec supernatural being.
Bartholomew Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; (aka Nathanel) crucified at Albanopois in Armenia.
Bast Egypt; Hyksos goddess of war in Lower Egypt (represented by cat).
Beelzebub Philistines lord of flies; patron god of Ekron
Bel Akkad; Babylon; Kassite; Palmyra; Sumer god of magic; son of Enlil; patron of Babylon; aka Bel-Marduk and Marduk. See picture of Bel Temple.
Bes Egypt god of households.
Bird Monster Olmec earth kingship.
Bolon Dzacab Mayan god of lightning.
Brahma Maurya god of creation ("unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world"); also worshipped by Gupta. Corruption of Abraham's teachings about God the Father.
Budai China bringer of contentment; aka Hotei and Pu-Tai.
Buddha Buddhism the enlightened one.
Budha Hindu god of Mercury.
Cai Shen China god of wealth.
Cel Etruscan Earth goddess; similar to Gaia.
Ceres Rome goddess of agriculture.
Chaac Mayan god of rain.
Chalchiuhtlicue Aztec goddess of spring.
Changxi China Moon goddess; wife of Di Jun.
Chibadi Zimbabwe Men dressed and behaving as women.
Cupid Rome god of love.
Cybele Lydia mother Earth goddess; mother of Attis.
Daeva Parthia; Persia; Sassanid malignant demon.
Dagon Mari; Philistines; Phoenicia; Sumer; Ugarit fertility god; god of storms.
Dah-Hah Dees Egypt King of Hell; Refers to Satan. (see explanation)
Damkina Assyria wife of Ea; mother of Marduk.
Dancing Girl Mohenjo-Daro girl who danced in religious ceremonies.
Daode Tianzun China one of the Three Pure Ones.
Demeter Alexander; Athens; Sparta goddess of the harvest.
Dhushara Palmyra; Petra lord of the mountain; son of Manat.
Diana Rome goddess of the hunt (Moon).
Di Jun China god of agriculture; emperor and husband of Changxi and Xihe.
Dionysus Alexander; Athens; Minoan; Mycenae; Sparta god of grape harvest; husband of Ariadne.
Draco Rome god of chaos; dragon/snake constellation; similar to Thuban and Tiamat.
Dragon King China ruler of the ocean.
Dragon Monster Olmec Earth god.
Dumuzid Sumer consort of Inanna
Ea Assyria husband of Damkina; father of Marduk. Similar to Enki of Sumer.
Ehecatl Aztec god of winds (aka Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl).
El Caananites in Israel; Philistines; Phoenicia; Ugarit creator god; consort of Asherah; father of Baal, Mot and Yamm.
Elkenah Caananites in Israel; Egypt "God of Kinah" -- Canaanites (see Facsimile 1-3).
Elkunirsa Hittite; Troy god of creation; husband of Aserdus.
Ellel Hittite; Troy sky god.
Engur Sumer Same as Nammu.
Enki Sumer lord of Earth; god of water and wisdom; patron of writing; husband of Inanna; survived world flood (similar to Noah).
Enlil Akkad; Babylon; Kassite; Sumer air/storm/wind god; son of Anu and Ki; consort of Ninlil; father of Nanna.
Enuma Elish Babylon Creation Account (1750 BC)
Enyalius Mycenae god of war (Mars); similar to Ares.
Ereshkigal Babylon; Sumer goddess of the underworld; first wife of Gugalanna; consort of Nergal.
Erlang Shen China god with a third truth-seeing eye.
Eros Alexander; Athens; Sparta god of love.
Eve Christianity; Islam; Judaism first woman on earth and wife of Adam.
Faravahar Parthia; Persia; Sassanid symbol of Zoroastrianism.
Feathered Serpent Olmec god of creation; corrupted form of Jesus Christ.
Fei Lian China god of the wind.
Freyr Vikings god of virility.
Fufluns Etruscan god of happiness, plant life and wine; son of Semla.
Gabriel Christianity; Islam archangel from God who gave revelations to the prophet Muhammad.
Gaia Alexander; Athens; Sparta Earth goddess.
Gamla Uppsala Vikings religious center of Norse worship in Sweden.
Garden of Gods Mari religious site located in modern Lebanon.
Geb Egypt; Hyksos Earth god.
Gilgamesh Akkad; Kassite; Mari; Sumer god-king of Uruk.
God Christianity Father of Jesus Christ; aka God the Father.
Goddess I Mayan goddess of eroticism and marriage.
Goguryeo Silla Moon goddess.
Gugalanna Sumer bull of heaven; husband of Ereshkigal. Represented by Mars.
Gun China demi-god who made dykes to control the Great Flood; father of Yu the Great.
Hadad Caananites in Israel; Philistines; Phoenicia; Ugarit god of war (Mars) and weather; son of Asherah and El; brother and husband of Anath; aka Baal (Thunderer); often mentioned in Bible/Old Testament.
Hades Alexander; Athens; Sparta god of the underworld.
Hadith Islam deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad.
Haldi Urartu god of war (Mars) aka Hayk or Khaldi; husband of Arubani and Bagvarti.
Halki Hittite; Troy god of grain.
Hammon Carthage; Phoenicia chief god of Carthage.
Hannahannah Hittite; Troy mother goddess; similar to Inanna.
Hanwasuit Hittite; Troy goddess of sovereignty.
Hapantali Hittite; Troy pastoral goddess.
Hapi Egypt; Hyksos god of Nile River flooding.
Hasameli Hittite; Troy god of metalworkers and craftsmen; similar to Hephaestus.
Hatepuna Hittite; Troy daughter of the sea; wife of Telipinu.
Hathor Egypt; Hyksos goddess of love; Sun goddess (represented by a cow).
Hebat Mitanni mother goddess; wife of Teshub and mother of Sharruma.
Helios Alexander; Athens; Minoan; Sparta Sun god and husband of Pasiphaë.
Hephaestus Alexander; Athens; Mycenae; Sparta god of fire; son of Zeus and Hera.
Hera Alexander; Athens; Sparta goddess of marriage; wife of Zeus and mother of Hephaestus.
Heracles (Hercules) Alexander; Athens; Rome; Sparta hero son of Zeus and Alcmene.
Hercle Etruscan hero similar to Hercules; father of Maris.
Hermes Alexander; Athens; Mycenae; Sparta messenger of the gods (Mercury).
Hero Twins Mayan  
Herod I Christianity king of Judaea; ridiculed Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.
Hintha Mon sacred bird.
Holy Ghost Christianity member of the Trinity, along with God the Father and Jesus Christ.
Horus Egypt; Hyksos god of light (represented by a falcon).
Hotei Japan bringer of contentment; aka Budai and Pu-Tai.
Houyi China god of archery; husband of Chang'e.
Hu Egypt demigod at Giza. Known as the Sphinx by early Greeks.
Hubal Palmyra; Petra lord god (Moon); father of Al-Lat, Al-Uzzá and Manat; head god of Kabaa.
Huitzilopochtli Aztec god of human sacrifice, sun and war (Mars).
Hunhau Mayan death god.
Hutena Hittite goddesses of fate; similar to Moirai.
Ibrahim Islam Hebrew prophet (aka Abraham).
Il Akkad creator god; similar to El of Semitic people.
Ilanu Akkad god or gods; similar to Elohim in Hebrew.
Illapa Incan goddess of lightning and thunder.
Inanna Sumer fertility goddess (Venus); Lady of Heaven; patron of store-houses; sister of Utu. consort of Dumuzid. Later known as Astarte and Ishtar.
Inar Hittite; Troy god of woods and fields.
Inara Hittite; Troy; Troy goddess of wild animals.
Indra Hindu god of weather and war; located on sacred Mount Meru.
Inti Incan Sun god of Cusco; husband of Mama Kilya.
Ishara Hittite goddess of love and oaths.
Ishkur Sumer storm god (aka Adad and Ramman).
Ishtar Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Egypt; Hyksos; Kassite; Mari; Philistines; Ugarit ferility (Venus) and mother goddess; daughter of Sin; consort of Ashur. Known as Inanna in Sumeria.
Isis Egypt; Hyksos goddess; consort and sister of Osiris.
Istanu Hittite; Troy Sun god.
Istustaya Hittite; Troy goddess of destiny.
Itzamna Mayan god of creation.
Ixchel Mayan goddess of midwifery.
James Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; son of Alphaeus; beheaded by King Herod I in Israel.
James Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; son of Zebedee and brother of John; beheaded by King Agrippa I in Israel circa 44 AD.
Jarri Hittite; Troy god of plague.
Jesus Christ Christianity Son of God; born in mortal life at Bethlehem in Israel; confounded Jewish rabbis at Temple of King Herod I in Jerusalem; atoned for mankind's sins, suffered crucifixion and triumphed over death via resurrection.
John Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; (aka The Revelator) brother of James.
John the Baptist Christianity son of Elizabeth and Zechariah; baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.
Judas Iscariot Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; (aka Son of Perdition) hanged himself in Jerusalem.
Juno Rome goddess of marriage; wife of Jupiter and daughter of Saturn.
Jupiter (Jove) Rome god of sky and thunder; husband of Juno.
Kamrusepa Hittite; Troy goddess of healing; mother of Aruna.
Kandaules Lydia messenger of the gods; similar to Hermes (Mercury).
Kartikeya India god of war (Mars)
Kaskuh Hittite; Troy Moon god.
Khepri (Khapri) Egypt god of rising Sun (represented by scarab beetle or lotus flower).
Khonsu Egypt "the traveler" (Moon); worshipped at Thebes
Ki (Urash) Sumer Earth goddess; consort of Anu; mother of Enlil.
Kinich Ahau Mayan Sun god.
Kishar Akkad; Sumer Earth mother goddess; wife and sister of Anshar; mother of Anu; daughter of Lahmu and Lahamu.
Knossos Bull Minoan bull-leaping, a religious ritual.
Korash Egypt "Cush" -- Sudan (see Facsimile 1-3).
Krishna Hindu "Finder of the Cows" (all attractive; dark)
Kronos (Cronos) Alexander; Athens; Sparta Titan god of the harvest.
Kubaba Hittite goddess and consort of Teshub.
Kui Xing China god of examinations.
Kukulkan Mayan god of creation; (corrupted form of Jesus Christ).
Kumarbi Mitanni sky and storm god; father of Teshub and Tasmisu; similar to Enlil.
Kurunta Hittite; Troy god of wild animals.
Kushuh Mitanni Moon god.
Kuychi Incan god of fertility and rainbows.
Labrys Minoan doubleheaded axe (symbol for female divinities).
Lagamar Elam chief god of Elam (see Chedorlaomer).
Lahamu Akkad; Sumer sister of Lahmu.
Lahar Sumer god of cattle; brother of Ashnan
NOTE: Term currently used for a volcanic mudflow
Lahmu Akkad; Sumer brother of Lahamu; father of Anshar and Kishar.
Lametrus Lydia god of the harvest; similar to Demeter.
Laran Etruscan god of war; consort of Turan.
Lei Gong China god of thunder.
Leinth Etruscan goddess of death.
Lelwani Hittite; Troy god of the underworld.
Libnah Egypt "White Land" -- Libya or Lebanon (see Facsimile 1-3).
Lilith Judaism falsely claimed to be the first wife of Adam; similar to Ereshkigal of Sumeria.
Lingbao Tianzun China one of the Three Pure Ones.
Loki Vikings god of mschief; son of Fárbauti and Laufey; often attempted to trick Thor.
Lotan Ugarit seven-headed serpant of Dagon.
Lucifer Christianity; Judaism spirit son of God the Father; called Satan after his fall from heaven.
Luna Rome Moon goddess.
Maat Egypt; Hyksos goddess of justice and truth (represented by a feather).
Mahmackrah Egypt "Mighty like unto Rah (Re)" (see Facsimile 1-3).
Maize God Mayan; Olmec god of agriculture.
Mama Kilya Incan goddess; wife of Inti.
Mama Occlo Incan fertility and mother goddess.
Manat Palmyra; Petra goddess of fate; daughter of Hubal; mother of Dhushara.
Mani Parthia prophet and founder of Manichaeism religion
Mar-Biti Kassites god with a sanctuary at Borsippa and Tell Bar Awa.
Marduk Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Kassite; Sumer god of magic; consort is Sarpanit; son of Enlil; father of Nabu; patron of Babylon; aka Bel and Bel-Marduk.
Maris Etruscan infant son of Hercle.
Mark Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; martyred in 68 AD.
Mars Rome god of war (Mars).
Mary Christianity mother of Jesus Christ.
Mary Magdalene Christianity from Magdala; early Christians commonly taught that she was the wife of Jesus Christ.
Matthew Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; tax collector from Capernaum; martyred.
Matthias Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; martyred in Ethiopia.
Melqart Carthage god of war (Mars).
Menrva (Menerva) Etruscan goddess of war.
Mercury Rome god of commerce (Mercury).
Metztli Aztec goddess of farmers and the Moon.
Mhondoros Zimbabwe spirit mediums and oral historians.
Mictlantecuhtli Aztec god of dead and the underworld.
Min Egypt; Hyksos most powerful and oldest Egyptian god.
Minerva Rome goddess of wisdom.
Minos Minoan son of Zeus; husband of Pasiphaë and father of Ariadne.
Minotaur Minoan half-bull, half-man monster in the labyrinth of king Minos.
Mithras Parthia; Persia; Rome; Sassanid Sun god; called Sol Invictus (Invincible Sun) by Romans; Judger of Souls who conducted righteous into House of Best Purpose; son of Anahita; patron of soldiers; Roman God of Contracts.
Mixcoatl Aztec god of hunting.
Moirai Alexander; Athens; Sparta goddesses of fate.
Molech Caananites in Israel; Carthage; Phoenicia Ammonite god of fire; called Chemosh by Moabites.
Moon Goddess Mayan Moon goddess
Moses Christianity; Judaism prophet who led Hebrews out of ancient Egypt; brought up as an Egyptian prince. (aka Musa in Islam)
Mot Caananites in Israel; Philistines; Phoenicia; Ugarit brother of Baal and Yamm.
Muhammad Islam prophet and founder of Islam; previous tribal leader in ancient Saudi Arabia.
Mullitu Assyria lady of the air [aka Sud]; wife of Ashur.
Musa Islam Hebrew prophet (aka Moses).
Mut Egypt; Hyksos mother goddess and consort of Amun-Re.
Nabu Assyria; Babylon god of writing; consort is Tashmetum; son of Marduk; represented by Mercury.
Nammu Sumer sea goddess (aka Engur); mother of Sumerian dieties; similar to Tiamat of Babylon.
Nanna Sumer Moon god who controlled months/seasons; son of Enlil and Ninlil.
Neith Egypt goddess (Mother Bee). She represented Egyptus.
Neptune Rome god of the sea.
Nergal Babylon god of the underworld; consort is Ereshkigal; also represented by Mars.
Ninlil (Sud) Akkad; Babylon; Kassite; Sumer goddess; consort of Enlil; mother of Nanna and Ninurta.
Ninurta Assyria; Sumer god of agriculture, storms and war; son of Enlil and Ninlil; patron of Lagash and Assyrian city of Nimrud.
Nintinugga Babylon goddess of healing; consort of Ninurta; similar to Baba of Akkad
Nintur Sumer goddess and mother of wildlife; Lady of Stony Ground.
Noah Christianity; Judaism prophet who saved family and animals aboard an Ark from a world flood. (aka Nuh in Islam)
Nuh Islam Hebrew prophet (aka Noah).
Nut Egypt; Hyksos sky goddess; goddess of heaven.
Odin Vikings god of war and father of Thor.
Osiris Egypt; Hyksos resurrected god; consort and brother of Isis.
Pa-Cha China god who protects farmers against locusts.
Pachamama Incan mother Earth; wife of Viracocha.
Paean Mycenae god of healing; similar to Apollo.
Pangu China first man on earth.
Papaya Hittite; Troy goddess of destiny.
Pasiphaë Minoan daughter of Helios; wife of king Minos and mother of Ariadne.
Paul Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; aka Saul from Tarsus.
Philip Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; beheaded at Hierapolis in Turkey.
Pidans Lydia god of light and truth; similar to Apollo.
Pontius Pilate Christianity Roman prefect of Judaea; presided at trial of Jesus Christ.
Poseidon Alexander; Athens; Mycenae; Sparta god of the sea.
Potnia Theron Minoan goddess of animals.
Prometheus Alexander; Athens; Sparta titan who gave fire to man.
Proteus Mycenae god of sea change.
Proto-Shiva Mohenjo-Daro; Mon lord of animals.
Ptah Egypt prominent Egyptian god (Father); husband of Sekhmet.
Qi (Houji) China legendary cultural hero who introduced millet to mankind during the Xia Dynasty.
Qochamama Incan goddess of the sea.
Quetzalcoatl Aztec god of creation, learning and priesthood; (corrupted form of Jesus Christ).
Qur'an Islam Islamic holy book (aka Koran).
Ragnarök Vikings Final future battle of the Norse gods.
Rama Hindu avatar of Vishnu; king of Ayodhya.
Ramman (Adad) Akkad; Assyria; Urartu storm god.
Re (Rah) Egypt; Hyksos god of midday Sun (represented by a hawk).
Rhea Minoan mother Earth goddess
Rundas Hittite; Troy god of the hunt.
Sachamama Incan snake goddess.
Samjogo Silla representation of the Sun.
Sandan Hittite; Troy lion god.
Sarpanit Babylon mother goddess; consort of Marduk.
Satan Christianity; Judaism spirit son of God the Father; called Lucifer before his fall from heaven.
Saturn Rome god of agriculture and capitol; father of Juno.
Sekhmet Egypt goddess of healing and war (in Upper Egypt); wife of Ptah.
Selardi Urartu Moon goddess.
Selené Alexander; Athens; Sparta Moon goddess.
Selvans Etruscan goddess of woodlands.
Semla Etruscan mother of Fufluns.
Set (Seth) Egypt; Hyksos god of darkness and death (Mercury).
Sethlans Etruscan goddess of fire.
Shaman Mongols religious leader.
Shamash Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Kassite; Mari; Sumer Superior Sun (Saturn) god during period of revival after collapse of the Akkadian Empire; later adopted by Parthian Empire.
Shang Di China supreme sky god (aka Tai Di and Tian Di).
Shark Monster Olmec supernatural being.
Sharruma Mitanni god of mountains; son of Hebat and Teshub.
Shaushka Hittite; Mitanni; Troy goddess of fertility (Venus) and healing.
Shiva Hindu great god; lord.
Shivini Urartu Sun god (aka Artin or Artinis).
Shoki Zu Japan vanquisher of evil beings and ghosts.
Shu Egypt; Hyksos air god.
Shu-Anhur Egypt god of war (Mars).
Sif Vikings wife of Thor.
Simon Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; martyred at Beirut in 65 AD; aka Simon the Zealot.
Simon Peter Christianity from chief apostle of Jesus Christ; fisherman from Galilee; brother of Andrew; Peter was crucified upside down in Rome.
Sin Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Kassite Moon god; father of the gods, including Ishkur.
Skanda Murukan India god of war (Mars)
Snake Goddess Minoan great goddess.
Sobek Egypt; Hyksos crocodile god; assisted in resurrection of Osiris.
Sokar Egypt; Hyksos phoenix god; represented 1,000 and rebirth.
Sol Invictus Mithraism Invincible Sun; god of light, truth and honor; Roman name for Mithras; in 4th century Christians adapted Christmas from the 25 December Mithraic "Rebirth of the Invincible Sun" festival (Romans called it Natalis Solis Invicti).
Spirits Japan; Silla; Zimbabwe spirit and ancestor worship.
Stephen Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; martyred in Jerusalem.
Surya Hindu Sun god.
Sutekh Hittite; Troy god of weather; similar to Teshub.
Taizu China high god.
Tashmetum Akkad; Sumer consort of Nabu.
Tasmisu Mitanni son of Kumarbi; brother of Teshub.
Taweret Egypt; Hyksos goddess of childbirth and fertility.
Telipinu Hittite; Troy god of farming; husband of Hatepuna.
Terra Mater Rome Mother Earth goddess.
Teshub Mitanni sky and storm god; son of Kumarbi; husband of Hebat and father of Sharruma; brother of Tasmisu.
Tezcatlipoca Aztec god of Earth and sky.
Thaddeus (Jude) Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; martyred at Beirut in 65 AD; aka Simon the Zealot.
Thalna Etruscan goddess of childbirth.
Theispas Urartu god of storms and thunder (aka teisheba).
Thermuthis Egypt goddess of harvest.
Thomas Christianity apostle of Jesus Christ; murdered by spear at Muziris, India.
Thor Vikings god of thunder and storms; son of Odin and husband of Sif; frequent enemy of Loki.
Thoth Egypt; Hyksos god of wisdom; similar to Hermes.
Thuban Islam ancient god of chaos; similar to Tiamat.
Tiamat Akkad; Assyria; Babylon; Sumer salt water chaos monster and lover of Abzu.
Tinia Etruscan god of sky; husband of Uni.
Tiw (Týr) England; Germany; Vikings god of law.
Tlaloc Aztec god of fertility and rain.
Tlaltecuhtli Aztec Earth goddess.
Trinity Christianity God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit).
Tsukuyomi Japan Moon god
Tu Di Gong China god of fortune and virtue.
Turan Etruscan goddess of fertility and love; consort of Laran.
Turms Etruscan messenger of the gods.
Tushpuea Urartu wife of Shivini.
Týr (Tiw) Vikings god of law.
Ubelluria Hittite; Troy god of dreams.
Underworld Gods Hittite 12 gods of the underworld
Uni Etruscan god of sky; wife of Tinia.
Upelluri Mitanni god of dreams.
Urash (Ki) Sumer Earth goddess; consort of Anu; mother of Enlil.
Usil Etruscan Sun god; similar to Helios.
Utu Sumer Sun god; governed the day and rendered justice; brother of Inanna.
Valhalla Vikings gigantic hall within Asgard where warriors go after death.
Venus Rome goddess of fertility.
Verethragna Artagnes Iran god of war (Mars)
Vesta Rome goddess of family, hearth and home.
Viracocha Incan god of creation, storms and sun; husband of Pachamama; aka Pachacamac.
Vishnu Hindu supreme being (aka Narayana; Hari).
Vulcan Rome god of fire.
Wadjet Egypt goddess who protected ancient Egypt.
Warrukatte Hittite; Troy god of war; aka Zababa.
Way Mayan person who transforms into an animal while asleep.
Wenchang Wang China god of culture and literature.
Were-Jaguar Olmec rain god.
Wodan England; Germany god of war.
Wu-Gong China Moon god
Xibalba Mayan underworld.
Xihe China Sun goddess; wife of Di Jun.
Xochipilli Aztec god of art, dance, flowers, games and song.
Xuan Wu China god of elements and magic.
Yakumama Incan goddess of water.
Yama China god of the underworld.
Yamm Caananites in Israel; Philistines; Phoenicia; Ugarit brother of Baal and Mot.
Yatagarasu Japan will of heaven.
Yggdrasil Vikings giant ash tree that encircles Asgard and Earth.
Ying-Hua China god of war (Mars)
Yogi Hindu master of yoga.
Yu Di China ruler of heaven.
Yu Shi China god of rain.
Yuanshi Tianzun China one of the Three Pure Ones.
Zao Jun China kitchen god.
Zarathustra Parthia; Persia; Sassanid prophet and founder of Zoroastrian religion; Greeks spelled his name as Zoroaster.
Zeus Alexander; Athens; Mycenae; Sparta god of sky and thunder (Jupiter); husband of Hera; father of Hephaestus and Heracles. Similar to Amon in ancient Egypt.
Zhong Kui China vanquisher of evil beings and ghosts.
Zhu Rong China god of fire and the south.
Zim Bird Zimbabwe symbol of royalty.
Ziusudra Sumer man who built an ark prior to a world flood (similar to Noah).
Zoroaster Parthia; Persia; Sassanid religious innovator of Zoroastrianism.
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