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Brief Description:
Adam first man on earth and husband of Eve
Meaning: many; red earth
Ali Ali ibn Abi Talib (Shia sect), son-in-law of Muhammad
Allah God of all
Meaning: the God
Gabriel archangel from God who gave revelations to the prophet Muhammad
Hadith deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad
Meaning: tradition
Ibrahim Hebrew prophet (aka Abraham)
Meaning: father of a multitude
Kabaa structure to house a sacred black stone; located in Mecca
Muhammad prophet and founder of Islam; previous tribal leader in ancient Saudi Arabia
Muhammad Tomb located in modern Saudi Arabia
Musa Hebrew prophet (aka Moses)
Meaning: drawn out; savior
Nuh Hebrew prophet (aka Noah)
Meaning: comfort; rest
Qur'an Islamic holy book (aka Koran)
Meaning: the recitation
Thuban Pole star in 2700 BC; ancient god of chaos Meaning: Large Snake

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