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Hattiesburg, MS and San Diego, CA:
Japanese Tori Teahouse Entry Teahouse Bridge
Buddha Greenhouse Teahouse in Winter Mira Mesa, CA
Utah: Thai Temple
Early Stage Back View Temple Poles Full View
Entry Arbor Island Bridges Thai Temple Later View
Thai Temple Winter 2011 Spring 2012 Front Yard 2012
Back Yard 2012 Back Yard 2012 Temple 2012 Temple Entrance
Winter 2012 Winter 2012 January 2013 Arbor - May 2013
Bench - May 2013 Fountain - May 2013 Temple - May 2013 Thai Spirit House
Thai Spirit House Garden Walkway Rock Flower Beds Thai Temple View
Tulips and Arbor Temple & Cherry Tree Tulip Bed Temple and Sand Pit
Korean Lilac Finished Garden Temple at Night Front Yard
Rock Mailbox in Utah (May 2013):
Original Box Original Box Wood Stage Tar Paper Stage
Wire Stage Mortar Stage Rock Stage Final Look
Children's Slide in Utah (October 2013):
Step Construction Stuccoed Steps Finished Steps Lower Pond View
Temple and Slide Temple and Pond Temple and Pond Temple Front View
Temple Front View Temple Back View Temple Slide View Sand and Dump Truck
Sand Pile Temple Arbor View Scott in Upper Pond Scott in Upper Pond
Boys in Lower Pond Boys in Lower Pond Scott in Lower Pond Scott in Lower Pond
Storage Shed in Utah (June 2014):
Scott & Wheelbarrow Frame Construction Cedar Shake Shingles Unpainted Stage
Painted Stage Finished View Dark Roof View Finished Garden
Vegetable Garden Planters in Utah (July 2018):
Initial Work Planter Boxes Walkway Finished Area
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