Mon (Dvaravati) Empire      
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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

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Significant Event:
    History of North Thailand
    Skilled at Pottery
    Spread of Theravada Buddhism

Main Cities: Hariphunchai; Lopburi; Nakhon Pathom
Time: 450-1292 AD
Language: Mon (Pallava Script)
Personage: Rajadhirat; Queen Jamadevi
Religion: Buddhism; Mon Religion
Related Country: Thailand

Brief History:
      I have included only a few items concerning the history of this empire. A good source for more details can be found on Wikipedia or in history books.

Map of Mon Empire
Click Map to Enlarge
      In 450 AD, legendary Phraya Kalavarnadit founded the kingdom of Lavo, one of the Dvaravati city-states in the Chao Phaya River basin. A Chenla (precursor of the Khmer empire) king named Isanavarman I conquered much of the region in the 7th century AD, including cities such as Lopburi and Phimai.

      Another legendary ruler circa 800 AD was Queen Jamadevi of Haripunjaya (aka Hariphunchai). Her twin sons became kings of Lampang and Lamphun (aka Hariphunchai). Legend also claimed a hermit named Suthep founded its principal city in 661 AD, however, the actual founding date likely was circa 750 AD. Mon rulers embraced Theravada Buddhist missionaries.

      Circa 1000 AD, Tai Yuan migrants moved into Mon lands. This pressure became more intense as refugees from the Thai kingdom of Nan Chao fled from the armies of Khublai Khan in 1253 AD. Additional pressure on the Mon came from the Khmer Empire. Forces under King Suryavarman II conquered much of the Mon territory in the early 10th century AD. In 1292 AD, Lanna troops besieged and seized Hariphunchai, ending the kingdom of Haripunjaya.

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