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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

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Significant Event:
    Trireme Battleships
    Trojan War (1194-1184 BC)

Main Cities: Mycenae; Pylos; Tiryns
Time: 2000-1200 BC
Language: Greek; Linear B
Personage: Agamemnon
Religion: Mycenaean Gods
Related Country: Greece

Brief History:
      I have included only a few items concerning the history of these kingdoms. A good source for more details can be found on Wikipedia or in history books.

Map of Mycenaean Kingdoms
Click Map to Enlarge
      Mycenaean cities traded with the Minoans on modern Crete, who exerted a major influence on the Helladic period of ancient Greece. In contrast to the trade-seeking Minoans, Mycenaean warriors sought to conquer other people and seize their wealth. Circa 1400 BC, a volcano erupted on Thera, causing tidal waves and earthquakes that devastated many Minoan sites. Opportunistic Mycenaeans extended control over Minoan territory.

      Mycenaeans also attacked Troy, a city-state rival that controlled a key trade route to the Black Sea. Other fortress city-states included Argos, Gla, Iolcos (city-state where the Argonauts returned), Orchomenos, and Tiryns. The Bronze-Age Mycenaean culture collapsed from pressure by Dorian Greeks and resulted in a Dark Age from 1200 to 750 BC.

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