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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Walk on eggs To be careful (I'm tired of walking on eggs around you.)
Want piece of hide To seek retribution (Ann is angry and wants a piece of your hide.)
Wash hands of Not responsible for (I wash my hands of the matter.)
Wash out Unsuccessful (Jill washed out from graduate school.)
Wash up To become clean (Wash up before you eat.)
Washed up A failure (Our new company now is all washed up.)
Waste of time Useless (It's a waste of time talking to her.)
Wasted To become incapable (Too much TV and no sleep left him wasted.)
Watch it Be careful (Watch it, John. We don't need a mistake now.)
Watch out! Be careful (Watch out! That could be hot.)
Watch out for Be aware of; take care of (Watch out for you brother.)
Watch (your) mouth Be careful about what (you) say.
Watch (your) step Be careful about where (you) go.
Way out To be excellent (Roger's super-charged hotrod is way out!)
Way to go 1. Correct path or procedure (Your procedures are the best way to go.)
2. Statement of positive support: That is the proper action to take.
Way's to go Farther (We have a long way's to go before it gets dark.)
Weak as a kitten Very weak (Stomach flu left Max weak as a kitten.)
Wear the pants To command (Some women want to wear the pants in the family.)
Wee bit Not far; small amount (I think all of us can eat a wee bit more.)
Weedle (it) out To extricate (I can weedle the truth out of Steven.)
Weenie 1. Sausage part in a hot dog (Joey wants a big weenie in his hot dog.)
2. Penis (That disgusting actor can't keep his weenie in his pants.)
3. Foolish and weak boy or man (Today there are more weenies than real men.)
Well; well now Mild expression of contentment or surprise (Well now, if you don't look fine today.)
Wet behind the ears Inexperienced (You better help Fred. He's still wet behind the ears.)
Wet blanket Boring; not fun (Jill is a wet blanket at any party.)
Wet the whistle Take a drink of alcohol (McCoy said he must wet his whistle.)
What about that? What do you think about that? Is it possible? Is that all right?
What in sam hill? Expression of mild irritation
What it takes Capable (Robert has what it takes to finish a job.)
What say What do you say? What do you think? Do you agree?
What the hell! Expression of disgust or anger [rude]
What's bugging (him)? What is bothering (him)? Why is (he) upset?
What's eating (you)? What is bothering (you)? Why are (you) upset?
What's (his) game? What is (his) purpose? Why is (he) doing this?
What's (his) handle? What is (his) nickname on the CB? [Citizen Band radio]
What's the pitch? What is the idea or direction to take?
What's up? What is happening?
What's with you? What is the matter with you? Why are you acting like this?
Wheels A vehicle, usually a car or motorcycle (Joe can take us in his wheels.)
When it rains, it pours Trouble gets worse after it first starts.
Where to head in To express irritation (I told that joker where to head in!)
Where's the fire? Why are you in a hurry?
Whimp Coward (No real woman wants to marry a whimp.)
Whipped To beat an opponent (We whipped the other team.)
Whirlybird Helicopter (A whirlybird can bring injured people down the mountain.)
Whistle blower Person who exposes corruption (The government is supposed to protect whistle blowers.)
Whistling dixie Expression to indicate futility
Whistling in the dark Expression to indicate nervousness
Whistling in the wind Expression to indicate futility
White Flag To surrender; give up (Looks like Roger is waving a white flag.)
White Trash Low class Caucasian (Some people think white trash live in trailer parks.)
Whitecoat, a Assistant who works in a mental hospital (You can't trust a whitecoat.)
Whitewash To hide (Reporters often whitewash the truth.)
Whole ball of wax Everything (Globalist bankers want the whole ball of wax.)
Whole hog Totally; all (Parents went whole hog on Melanie's wedding.)
Whoop it up To have fun (The boys decided to whoop it up.)
Whoopee 1. Expression of excitement (Whoopee! I can take a trip to Hawaii with you!)
2. Love [Old slang] (The married couple decided to start making whoopee.)
Whopper Something very large (That fish is a whopper!)
Whup-ass Open a can of whup-ass. (To become belligerent.)
Wind down To relax (It's good to wind down after working all week.)
Wind up 1. Beginning (The action is in a wind up phase.)
2. Start a pitch [Baseball term] (The pitcher began his wind up faster than usual.)
Wind up with Ultimately get (I bet you wind up with Sarah tonight.)
Windbag Pompous person who talks too much (That politician is known to be a windbag.)
Wingding A party (Everyone attended their fancy wingding.)
Winner Undesirable person; loser [Sarcasm] (Yes, you're a real winner. Hah!)
Winning streak To win often (Our football team is on a winning streak now.)
Wipe off To remove (You should wipe off that lipstick.)
Wipe out 1. To eliminate (Enemy soldiers wiped out all opposition.)
2. To forget (Wipe it out of your mind.)
3. To fall off (Moku wiped out when a big wave hit.)
Wiped To defeat an opponent (He wiped the neighbor boy.)
Wired 1. To be excited (Allen is acting all wired tonight.)
2. To have a concealed recording device (FBI agents wired the informant.)
Wires crossed To be confused (Better explain it or we'll get our wires crossed.)
Wise acre Know-it-all person [Sarcastic term] (Nobody likes a wise acre such as Dave.)
Wise crack Sarcastic remark (Samantha won't tolerate wise cracks about Joseph.)
Wise to Familiar with (The other girls are wise to Betty's tricks.)
Wise up To become aware; smart (Nate better wise up fast or he'll be cheated.)
With bells on To come definitely (Jacob promised to come with bells on.)
With child To be pregnant (Jill was with child a second time.)
With it Comprehend current views (It's great to know that Dale is with it!)
With open arms Full acceptance (Our troops were welcomed with open arms.)
Within an ace of Nearly (Jacob is within an ace of winning.)
Women's Lib Women's Liberation movement
Work it out To resolve a problem (Roger wants to work things out with Alice.)
Work like a dog Work strenuously (Mom works like a dog to help the family.)
Worm way into To finagle (Julie wormed her way out into the company.)
Worm way out To avoid (Danny can worm his way out of any difficulty.)
Worth a mint Very valuable (Bob's stamp collection is worth a mint.)
Wow! Expression of surprise (Wow! I never expected to win anything.)
Wow (someone) To impress (Evelyn hopes to wow her friends with a new dress.)
Wrap, a Competed scene [Movie term] (Everyone can take a break. That's a wrap.)
Wrap up 1. To catch (George wrapped up the thief.)
2. To cover completely (Eve will wrap up baby Jake's birthday present.)
Wuss Gutless coward (No doubt about it. Senator Lindsey is a complete wuss.)

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