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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Uh-oh Expression of mild surprise
Uncle To admit defeat (Cry uncle and I'll stop hitting you.)
Under a cloud To be despondent (Maria is under a cloud and doesn't want to talk.)
Under breath Silently (I suggest that you speak under your breath.)
Under hat To keep secret (Be sure to keep it under your hat.)
Under the counter Illegal and secret (The company paid a congressman under the counter.)
Under the weather Sick (I'm sorry that you're under the weather today.)
Under (your) nose In plain view (Thieves took it right under his nose.)
Undercover Incognito; in secret (Government agents often work undercover.)
Until the cows come home Very late (Fred plans to be outside until the cows come home.)
Up and doing To be active (It's time to be up and doing.)
Up and over To accomplish (OK, let's get up and over this matter.)
Up (his) alley Something familiar or doable (Repairing cars is up Matt's alley.)
Up in arms Angry; ready to fight (The recent tax increase had people up in arms.)
Up in smoke Destroyed; a disaster (Nathan's hopes went up in smoke.)
Up in the air Undecided; not resolved (The vote was still up in the air.)
Up on To know currently; familiar with (Fred appears to be up on the latest news.)
Up the spout Disastrous (His careful plan went up the spout.)
Up to snuff Agreeable; good (This term paper is not up to snuff.)
Up to speed To be sufficient; knowledgeable (I hope Jack's up to speed on this topic.)
Upchuck To vomit (I might upchuck if I see that jerk again.)
Upset the apple cart To cause trouble or instability (Peter will upset the apple cart if he speaks out.)
Upswing Getting better (Jenny probably will seek Walter on the upswing.)
Uptick Getting better (Investers are waiting for an uptick in the market.)
Uptight Nervous (There's no need for you to get uptight.)
Used to To be familiar with (Almost everyone is used to watching TV.)

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