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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Racey Sexually stimulating (The movie was a bit racey.)
Rain buckets Much rainfall (It's raining buckets in Bangkok today.)
Rain cats and dogs Much rainfall (I can't go outside because it's raining cats and dogs.)
Rake in To collect (We probably can rake in the money.)
Rake over the coals To chastise (The boss raked Bill over the coals for coming in so late.)
Ramp up To increase; study (You better ramp up if you hope to pass the test.)
Ramrod To boss; direct (Chuck is the man to ramrod this outfit.)
Rap sheet Criminal record (Police keep rap sheets on computers now.)
Raring to go To be prepared (The boy scouts are raring to go.)
Rat Untrustworthy person (No one trusts that rat.)
Rat fink Tattletale; bad person (Leonard is a rat fink who can't be trusted.)
Rat on To inform (The stoolie ratted on his friends.)
Rattle To upset (The thunder storm last night rattled Rosa.)
Rattle (his) cage To ask (Who rattled your cage?)
Rattletrap Old vehicle (Victor's rattletrap looks ready for the junkyard.)
Raw deal To be unfortunate; bad bargain (I think John got a raw deal on that.)
Read (my) mind To know well (Sometimes I think you can read my mind.)
Real deal Factual; true (Arturo claims his love for Maria is the real deal.)
Real McCoy Actual; true (I will only buy the real McCoy, not an imitation.)
Reckon To think; consider [Cowboy talk] (I reckon we can meet John later today.)
Red as a beet Embarrassed (John turned red as a beet when asked to speak in public.)
Red-faced Embarrassed (Joan was red-faced after tripping on her dress.)
Red light district Area for prostitution (Bangkok has several red light districts.)
Remember the Alamo Expression that means to avenge a wrong. [Refers to a battle in San Antonio, Texas]
Rib Tease; to joke (Classmates ribbed Joe about his odd hat.)
Rich Unbelievable [Sarcasm] (Oh, his latest statement is rich.)
Ride herd To look after [Cowboy talk] (It's your night to ride herd.)
Ride (someone) To bother; torment (We think the teacher likes to ride Nathan.)
Ride the gravy train Take the easy way (Dorothy admits that she wants to ride the gravy train.)
Ride the rails To ride on a railroad train (This is Joe's first time to ride the rails.)
Riding for a fall Imminent failure (I warned Louis that he was riding for a fall.)
Riffraff Trashy people (Downtown is full of riffraff.)
Rig 1. To ensure an illegal or unfair action (She rigged the final text.)
2. A truck or wagon (The trucker climbed into his big rig.)
Right arm Trusted assistant (Jeff is my right arm. I can't get along without him.)
Right as rain Correct
Right on! Correct; to agree (Right on! I like that idea.)
Right quick Quickly; soon [Southern dialect] (Jeremy can go right quick.)
Righto Correct (Righto, that's what Sylvia wants.)
Ring a bell To sound familiar (Yes, that rings a bell. I remember now.)
Ringer, a Someone who looks similar to another person (They used a ringer for Sam.)
Ringside seat Close view (I had a ringside seat when the girls had a shouting match.)
Rip-off To steal; cheat; copy (I won't buy a cheap, rip-off version.)
Rob (him) blind To steal everything (The maid tried to rob us blind.)
Rock bottom Lowest (This is my rock bottom price.)
Rock solid Unwavering (The measure passed due to rock solid support.)
Rock the boat To cause trouble (Mary promised not to rock the boat.)
Rod A pistol (Did Danny get a rod yet?)
Roger To agree [Military term] (Roger, I will come now.)
Roll 'em Start filming [Movie term] (Quiet on the set. Now, roll 'em.)
Roll in the hay To engage in sex (Those college students just had a roll in the hay.)
Roll with the punch Accept whatever happens (In life, it's best to just roll with the punch.)
Rots of ruck Silly way of saying: Lots of luck
Rotten egg A loser (Matilda refuses to speak with that rotten egg.)
Round up To gather (The boys began to round up their toys after playing with them.)
Roust Cause to move; to arrest (Police rousted a gang of thieves.)
Rub it in To emphasize (Danny just had to rub it in that we failed.)
Rub out To eliminate; kill (Drug hitmen rubbed out their competition.)
Rub up against To encounter (I hope we don't rub up against a tough guy.)
Rube Unsuspecting victim (Carneys often trick rubes, who lose money to them.)
Run a con To swindle (Criminals will run a con against their mark.)
Run a scam To cheat by trickery (That used car dealer tried to run a scam on me.)
Run-around A deception (Maggie gave Fred the run-around again.)
Run around with To associate with (Sally likes to run around with handsome boys.)
Run for the hills Leave quickly (It's time we ran for the hills.)
Run in the ground Repetitious (Stop the song before you run it in the ground.)
Run it through To test; to do something (Just run it through its pace for now.)
Run like a scared rabbit Afraid; fearful
Run like a whipped dog Afraid; fearful
Run low on Have very little (The city is running low on money.)
Run-of-the-mill Common (Sally bought a run-of-the-mill washing machine.)
Run out of To be deficient (Bob may run out of fuel for his car.)
Run out on To abandon (That bad mother ran out on her children.)
Run things To operate; coordinate (We can run things from our office building.)
Run to ground To hide (Catch the bird before it runs to ground.)
Run true to form Usual action (Marty is running true to form. He finished on time.)
Run up To increase (You should not run up such a big debt.)
Runner-up Not in first place (Betty is a runner-up in the beauty contest.)
Runs, the diarrhea (Bobby had the runs after eating the wrong food.)

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