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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Kangaroo court No justice (Bob can't expect anything but a kangaroo court.)
Keel over To faint (Pam keeled over after hearing the bad news.)
Keen 1. Enjoyable; good (Wow, that's a keen looking motorcycle!)
2. In favor of; excited about (I'm not too keen about your idea.)
Keep a stiff upper lip Act confidently
Keep abreast of Knowledge of current events or activities
(A good manager must keep abreast of the latest goals and opportunities.)
Keep at bay Keep away; to resist (I hope our forces can keep the enemy at bay.)
Keep body and soul together Remain composed
Keep chin up To be confident (Don't worry, just keep your chin up.)
Keep fingers crossed To hope (Keep your fingers crossed that Dad gets a new job.)
Keep (it) together Not allow to fail/separate (He kept the act together.)
Keep shirt on Be patient (I told Rob to keep his shirt on; things will be OK.)
Keep the ball rolling To continue (We kept the ball rolling after Bill had to leave.)
Keep track of To follow (That company likes to keep track of its customers.)
Keep trucking Continue traveling; to go (Let's keep on trucking through the night.)
Keep up with Understand or do something at the same level as another person
(I hope you can keep up with us on this project.)
Keep up with the Jones's Buy or do things to impress other people, even if it is unrealistic
Keeping; kept To be late; to prevent (I'm not sure what is keeping Sam.)
Kept woman, a Concubine; courtesan (Looks as though she enjoys being a kept woman.)
Kick, a Stimulant (This new energy drink has quite a kick.)
Kick against the pricks To resist futilely (You can't win by kicking against the pricks.)
Kick around 1. To consider (Can we kick around a few ideas during lunch?)
2. To torment (Bullies enjoy kicking smaller boys around.)
3. Kick in different directions (Two boys kicked the ball around.)
Kick back 1. To relax (I just want to kick back and enjoy the afternoon.)
2. To retaliate (If attacked, Tom will kick back hard.)
Kick in the gut A shock (Seeing his wife with another man was a kick in the gut.)
Kick in the head Unfortunate event (Getting fired is a kick in the head.)
Kick out To force out (It's time to kick out that corrupt judge.)
Kick out of To force out (Be careful or you'll be kicked out of school.)
Kick shoes off To relax (Kick your shoes off and stay here with us.)
Kick the bucket To die (The old man kicked the bucket at noon.)
Kickback A bribe (Some politicians expect a kickback for their support.)
Kid; kids Child; Children (Put our kids in the car.)
Kid; kidding To joke (Don't be so serious. I'm just kidding with you.)
Kid brother Younger brother (Do you know my kid brother?)
Kid sister Younger sister (My kid sister is too young for school this year.)
Kiester Butt (A boot in the kiester will cause him to move.)
Kin folk Relatives (Do any of your kin folk live near you?)
Kind of Somewhat [also said as kinda] (Susan's food tastes kind of good.)
Kiss a fool To follow a fool or foolish act (Julia refuses to kiss a fool just to be popular.)
Kiss my ass! Expression of disgust or irritation [Very rude]
Kiss my foot! Expression of disgust or irritation
Kisser Mouth (Sophia caught it right on the kisser.)
Knife in the back Attacked from behind (Javier is the type who will knife someone in the back.)
Knock To criticize (Sally is wrong to knock the food at this restaurant.)
Knock block off To hit (someone) (Frank is threatening to knock your block off.)
Knock it off To stop (You kids better knock it off before dad comes home.)
Knock (self) out To exert effort (Jim said he'll knock himself out to finish the job.)
Knock up To impregnate [rude] (Billy will be in deep trouble if he knocks up a girl.)
Knock teeth out To hit (someone) in the face (I'm going to knock your teeth out!)
Knock toes up To hit someone unconscious (Sam knocked the bully toes up.)
Knocked up To be pregnant [rude] (Looks like Samantha got knocked up.)
Knockoff Counterfeit (China makes a lot of knockoff goods.)
Knockout 1. Beautiful (Belinda is a real knockout.)
2. To become unconscious (Dave received a knockout punch during the fight.)
Knocks Intermittent noise (The car engine is knocking again.)
Knothead Stupid person (That knothead can't do anything right.)
Know squat Know nothing; "Don't know squat" (Martin knows squat about playing football.)
Know which side bread is buttered Understand reality (I know which side my bread is buttered.)
Knuckle sandwich Fist (Rob threatened his opponent with a knuckle sandwich.)
Knuckle under Obey; do your duty (If everyone knuckles under, the project will succeed.)
Knucklehead Stupid person (That knucklehead just ruined my new shirt.)
Kook Odd person (Sometimes you act like a kook.)

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