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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Dad Father [also refers to any older man] (Hey dad, you can't park here.)
Dadgum Mild expletive [Southern dialect] (It's dadgum hot today!)
Damn Expletive of irritation (Those politicians are so damn corrupt!)
Dance around To avoid; to talk around an issue (Politicians always dance around the issue.)
Dark horse Unknown political candidate (Democrats will run a dark horse this election.)
Darn good Very good (That was darn good shooting!)
Darn right Correct (Darn right, you can't date my girlfriend!)
Dash for it To escape (The surprised deer made a dash for it.)
Dash it all Mild expletive [British slang] (Dash it all! He's late with the report.)
Dash off 1. To depart quickly (We better dash off before it's too late.)
2. To write (Mom dashed off a note to the teacher.)
Dasn't Dare not [Southern dialect] (I dasn't go home without getting what momma wants.)
Day of grace Postponement (The class got a day of grace--no test today.)
Days are numbered Soon to end (His days of bossing us around are numbered.)
Dead as a doornail Very dead (Police shot the murderer dead as a doornail.)
Dead fish Not feeling; unemotional (The president has a dead fish handshake.)
Dead meat Someone who will lose (Flash promised to pound Tommy into dead meat.)
Dead ringer Someone who looks exactly like another person (Joe is a dead ringer for the actor.)
Dead tired Very tired (James looks dead tired.)
Dead to rights Without doubt; guilty (The police caught him dead to rights.)
Dead to the world Unaware; asleep (John is still dead to the world this morning.)
Dead wrong Completely wrong (I think you're dead wrong to study psychiatry.)
Deadbeat Lazy person (I won't allow that deadbeat in my home again.)
Deadhead Willfully ignorant person (Yoshi is just another modern deadhead.)
Deadwood Useless person (The company determined to fire its deadwood.)
Deal, a A bargain (Robert got a great deal on his new car.)
Deal, the Situation (Does anyone know what the deal is right now?)
Deal a good hand Winning situation (Bob was dealt a good hand in life.)
Deal in To include (someone) (You can deal me in.)
Deck (someone) To knock down (Yuri decked Pavlo during the fight.)
Dern Mild expletive [damn] (Dern it, I can't find the car keys!)
Dicey Unstable; tentative (The situation looks a little dicey right now.)
Dick 1. Detective (We probably should hire a dick to tail Jack.)
2. Penis [rude]
Dick around To act foolish [rude] (Charles will be in trouble if he dicks around there.)
Dick with To challenge [rude] (You better not dick with that thug.)
Dickhead Stupid person [rude] (I won't speak with that dickhead!)
Didn't bat an eye To be unafraid; not nervous
Different ball game Changed situation (His arrival made it a different ball game.)
Dig in 1. To begin eating; start an action (Mom told us to dig in.)
2. To fortify (The troops dug in quickly.)
Dilly-dally To procrastinate; move slowly (Sofie is dilly-dallying again.)
Dim bulb Stupid (Jerry is such a dim bulb; he's dumb as mud.)
Dime a dozen Numerous; of little consequence (Ignorant gunmen are a dime a dozen.)
Ding-a-ling Silly person (Joan is the classroom ding-aling.)
Ding dong Stupid person (Why are you interested in a ding dong like him?)
Dingbat Silly woman (Zerri sounds like a dingbat.)
Dip the bill To drink alcohol (Don't let Buster dip his bill too much at the party.)
Dirt cheap very inexpensive (We can get a new stove dirt cheap.)
Dirty look To frown; Mean (Susan gave George a dirty look.)
Dish Pretty girl (Everyone noticed that Alisa is a dish.)
Dish out To give; produce; refute (Maria can dish out feelings of contempt for Alfredo.)
Dish up To lie (I expect Alice to dish up a story about last night.)
Dishrag A servile person (Stop acting like a dishrag! You're not his servant or slave.)
Disturbed Crazy [Euphemism] (That disturbed Rosen currently is in a mental institute.)
Ditch To abandon (Ditch it before the teacher sees it.)
Ditto To agree (Ditto for me. I want to go, too.)
Dive, a Dirty/sleazy place (They hang out at a dive downtown.)
Divvy up To divide (You better divvy up the goods.)
Dizzy dame Silly woman (I won't go with a dizzy dame.)
Do (his) bit To accomplish a job/action (It's time to do your bit.)
Do a number on Cause trouble for someone (Johnny certainly did a number on us.)
Doesn't cut ice Unbelievable; unimportant (Your excuse doesn't cut any ice with me.)
Dog Ugly girl (Nate was afraid his blind date would be a dog.)
Dogface Soldier (You dogfaces get a move on!)
Doggone it Mild expression of disappointment
Dogleg it Walk quickly (The drill sergeant ordered his soldiers to dogleg it.)
Dog-tired Very tired (Maria is too dog-tired to go out now.)
Do-hicky Nameless item (I can't remember the name of this do-hicky.)
Doll Pretty girl (Your girlfriend is a real doll.)
Dollface Pretty girl (Benny is dating a dollface.)
Dolly 1. Girl doll [Child's term] (Suzie love to play with the new dolly.)
2. Sexual girl (The gang leader is looking for another dolly.)
Don't know beans To be ignorant (John doesn't know beans!)
Don't know if coming or going Confused (I don't know if Sue is coming or going.)
Don't know squat Know nothing; "Know squat" (Jill doesn't know squat about how to clean house.)
Don't sweat it Do not worry (Don't sweat it! You'll get your money.)
Doormat Coward; weak person (Don't be a doormat and let people walk on you!)
Dope 1. Stupid person (Don't waste time on Bubba. He's a dope.)
2. Information (I just heard the latest dope on Jim's problem.)
3. Narcotics (Police found the dope he tried to stash.)
Dope it out To reason; determine (Eventually I'll be able to dope it out.)
Double-cross To turn against someone (Nathan double-crossed his friends.)
Double-up To share (Bill and Johnny must double-up since there aren't enough beds.)
Dough Money (I need some dough to buy lunch today.)
Douse the light Turn off a light (Did anyone douse the lights before we left home?)
Down 1. Depressed (Milly is feeling down because her dog died.)
2. To drink (You better not down that whiskey.)
Down home boy Local boy; farmer (Elvira prefers going with a down home boy.)
Down in the dumps Depressed (Mariana felt down in the dumps after her boyfriend left town.)
Down in the mouth Sad (Jessica looks down in the mouth, probably because the dog died.)
Down on Disgruntled with (someone/something) (Millie is down on men again.)
Down the drain Wasted; useless (That was like money down the drain.)
Down the hatch To drink; swallow (Take your medicine. Come on now--down the hatch.)
Down to the wire At the last moment (Ramsey may not come. It's getting down to the wire.)
Down with 1. To catch (Sally is coming down with a cold.)
2. To oppose (Down with tyranny!)
Downer To be depressed (The narcotics gave him a downer.)
Doxy Concubine; courtesan (Have you read Rex Stout's book, "Death of a Doxy"?)
Drag, a Boring; not interesting (Steve thought school was a drag.)
Draw 1. To point and shoot a pistol [Cowboy talk] (Bad Bart was a fast draw.)
2. No winner (The race ended in a draw.)
Draw a blank Unsuccessful search (We looked hard, but drew a blank.)
Draw in To bring in (Good advertising can draw in a crowd.)
Draw out To entice (Police drew out the guilty people.)
Draw the line To limit (It's time to draw the line. No more free lunches.)
Draw up To draft (Draw up the papers and you can purchase the house.)
Dress/dressing down To chastise (Mother gave Steve a dressing down yesterday.)
Drink like a fish An alcoholic (That woman drinks like a fish.)
Drip Undesirable person (Pam thought her blind date was a drip.)
Drive (me) crazy To pester (Your loud music is driving us crazy.)
Drive up a wall To pester (Her baby's constant cries are driving me up a wall.)
Drop a bomb To make big surprise (Maria dropped a bomb that she was pregnant.)
Drop a heifer To give birth [Cowboy talk] (Sally dropped a heifer today.)
Drop a line To communicate; write (Can you drop us a line before coming here?)
Drop (her) drawers To be surprised (Madeline dropped her drawers when she saw Dan.)
Drop dead 1. To die suddenly (I'm afraid Sam might drop dead from a heart attack.)
2. Expression of contempt [rude] (Drop dead, you piece of crap!)
Drop in To visit (You can drop in whenever it is convenient.)
Drop in on To visit (Uncle Joe decided to drop in on us today.)
Drop in the bucket Small amount (The cost is a drop in the bucket to this company.)
Drop in the ocean Minute amount (Our money is just a drop in the ocean to them.)
Drop off To leave something (You can drop off the book at Bob's home.)
Drop out 1. To quit (It's unfortunate that Margaret dropped out last month.)
2. To lose a connection (Alisa's cell phone signal drops out when she is in a mall.)
Drop out of To quit (You shouldn't drop out of this management program.)
Drop the ball Fail to accomplish (Mitchell better not drop the ball on this project.)
Dropout, a Student who quits school (Rudolfo can't find a good job because he's a dropout.)
Drug bust Police raid for illegal narcotics (There was a drug bust last night at Tony's.)
Drum up To promote (That department store is trying to drum up more business.)
Drunk Inebriated (Matthew's been hitting the bottle and is drunk again.)
Drunk as a skunk Very inebriated (Uncle Bill is drunk as a skunk today.)
Druthers Preferences (Betsy knows Ben's druthers quite well.)
Dry behind the ears Experienced (I know how; I'm dry behind the ears.)
Dry up Be quiet; do not talk (Dry up! We don't want to hear you.)
Dry well To be unsuccessful; have nothing (Forget about that; it's a dry well.)
Drygulch Surprise attack (A gang drygulched the outbound stagecoach.)
Duck, a 1. Odd person (Who's the duck standing over there?)
2. Girl who wears a padded bra (Boys laughed at Pam for being a duck.)
Duck soup Easy to do (Learning a foreign language is duck soup for Roger.)
Dud Failure; unsuccessful (Your great idea turned out to be a dud.)
Dude 1. Inexperienced non-cowboy [Cowboy talk] (Ranch hands don't like dudes.)
2. Fellow (Matilda started dating a new dude last week.)
Duds Clothing (Don't you have any new duds to wear?)
Due to calve To give birth [Cowboy talk] (Looks like Roxanne is due to calve.)
Dumb Stupid (That really is a dumb idea.)
Dumb as mud/rocks Very stupid (Tom is dumb as mud.)
Dumb cluck A stupid person (He is the biggest dumb cluck I ever saw.)
Dumbbell Stupid person (What a dumbbell. I think he has rocks for brains.)
Dummy A stupid person, especially one who follows orders from another person
Dump 1. A dirty, untidy or undesirable place (Her home is a dump.)
2. To abandon (Dump the fake humility.)
3. Stop dating (Jill dumped her boyfriend.)
Dump on To burden; ridicule (It's not right to dump on Julio.)
Dutch treat To pay separately (Ha always wants to go Dutch treat with people.)
Dying to Excited; very desirable (Jane is dying to see Melanie's new dress.)
Dynamite Great; excellent (That movie was dynamite!)

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