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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Jabber away To chatter (Jenny won't stop talking. She just jabbers away.)
Jackass Foolish person (Only a jackass expects to win much money in Las Vegas.)
Jackbooted thug Authoritative cretin (Some view BATF agents as jackbooted thugs.)
Jackpot Big winnings (Dorothy hopes to win a jackpot sometime.)
Jarhead United States marine [rude] (A few jarheads fought with swabbies in the bar.)
Jasper Character, a [Cowboy talk] (That Jasper doesn't sit a horse well.)
Jaw all day To talk incessantly (I expect her to jaw all day about nothing.)
Jaw like iron Strong jaw (Steve can fight well and has a jaw like iron.)
Jaywalk Cross a street not at a designated or proper crosswalk
Jazz Something in general (I'm not sure if I like that jazz.)
Jazz up To improve (Maybe we can jazz it up.)
Jelly-belly Fat and flabby stomach (Matthew has a jelly-belly.)
Jerk Undesirable person (I can't stand that jerk.)
Jerkwater town Small undesirable town (I left that jerkwater town last year.)
Jittery Nervous (Why are you so jittery? What's the matter?)
Jive 1. To make sense; conform to (The company's claim does not jive with reality.)
2. Popular; current (Gang members prefer jive talk to correct speech.)
John, a A prostitute's client (That hooker entertains several johns a night.)
John, the Toilet (Sally, take your little sister to the john.)
Join the party To participate (Matthew stopped resisting and joined the party.)
Joint 1. A place (We can meet at a joint on Center Street.)
2. A marijuana cigarette
3. Together (The army and navy plan a joint operation next month.)
Joke, a Contemptible (The new software program is a joke.)
Joker Foolish person (I have no intention to meet with that joker.)
Jolly good British term for something positive (That was a jolly good show.)
Jug 1. Jail (Police put that drunk in the jug.)
2. Container for moonshine alcohol (McCoy took a long pull at the jug.)
Jugs Breasts (Ralph said he prefers women with big jugs.)
Jump To attack (Thieves jumped Robby on a dark street.)
Jump (his) bones Energetic sex (The forward girl jumped his bones.)
Jump off To depart (Betty will jump off at the next bus stop.)
Jump-off point Starting location (Kuwait was the jump-off point for invasion.)
Jump out of skin Afraid (Eddie jumps out of his skin when he hears a loud noise.)
Jump ship To abandon (We think Davy jumped ship in Singapore.)
Jump the gun Start too soon (Don't jump the gun. We can't go yet.)
Junk Undesirable item (I don't want your junk in my house.)
Junk food Food with little nutrition (Most Americans enjoy eating junk food.)
Junk it To discard something (You better junk it before going home.)
Junkie Narcotics addict (The junkie needs a daily fix.)
Just a sec Wait a moment [the same as: Just a second.]
Just for fun Not serious (Don't worry, I said it just for fun.)
Just grand Very good; acceptable (It will be just grand if you can come.)
Just what the doctor ordered Exactly what is needed (Your help is just what the doctor ordered.)

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