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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Face down To win a confrontation (William faced down his detractors.)
Face front Look to the front [Military term] (Captain Reed ordered troops to face front.)
Face lift Operation to enhance facial beauty (Obviously that old actress had a face lift.)
Face off Confrontation (The two opponents faced off near North Park.)
Face-saving Action taken to redeem a shortcoming (The government is engaged in another face-saving gesture.)
Face up to To confront; accept (It's about time that you face up to your responsibility.)
Fag Homosexual [rude; do not use this word] (Some people don't like fags.)
Fall behind 1. To lag (Benjamin fell behind the other students in his grades.)
2. To hide for protection (Troops were ordered to fall behind a protective wall.)
Fall down To fall (Danny fell down the back door steps.)
Fall for 1. Gullible (Josie falls for any new marketing claim.)
2. To love (It's very surprising that Alisa fell for that man.)
Fall for like a ton of bricks Tricked completely (Nickolas fell for the scam like a ton of bricks.)
Fall in 1. A reduction (It feels like a fall in the weather.)
2. To form ranks [Military term] (Troops were ordered to fall in.)
Fall on (her) face To fail (Matilda tried hard but fell on her face.)
Fall out 1. To be outside (Be sure not to fall out when you ride the roller-coaster.)
2. To leave ordered ranks [Military term] (An officer told the troops to fall out.)
Fall out of Fall outside (Betty almost fell out of the car.)
Fall over 1. To trip (Be careful not to fall over that cliff.)
2. To love or like (Mike is falling over the new girl in school.)
Fall short Insufficient (Tommy fell short on his mortgage bill.)
Falling out, a No longer friends; an argument (The boys had a falling out.)
Fake out To trick or surprise (Antonio faked out the opposing team.)
False front Building with a front much larger than the actual structure
Falsies Artificial breasts (June evidently is wearing falsies.)
Far out Great; excellent (Far out, man! Hope you can join us soon.)
Fast break Basketball move (Arthur made a fast break down the center.)
Fast talker Adroit at making excuses (Billy has always been a fast talker.)
Fast track Accelerated path (Andy is on the company's fast track to success.)
Fast-track To expedite (You better fast-track this shipment of plants.)
Fat chance Impossible; unlikely (Fat chance that you can beat me.)
Fat city Easy life; things are great (It must be great to live in fat city like Edith.)
Fat lot of good Useless; futile (A fat lot of good this manual is without the machine.)
Fatso Fat person (Fatso is eating too much again.)
Fed up with Angry; disgusted (His parents are fed up with John's bad behavior.)
Feed a line To lie (Marianna fed Danilo a line about her previous work experience.)
Feel blue To be despondent (Dawn feels blue because John dumped her.)
Feel cheap Worthless (Veronica felt cheap because of Bill.)
Feel down To be depressed (Betsy is feeling down tonight.)
Feel like a million bucks Elated (Dan felt like a million bucks after getting a raise.)
Feel-up Sexually molest (Too many TSA agents enjoy feeling-up people.)
Fella Fellow (Natalie is dating a new fella now.)
Feller Fellow (Jimmy wants to play outside with the other fellers.)
Fender bender Minor traffic accident (Sam's car was in a fender bender on State Street)
Field Respond to; take action (I'm confident that Mark can field all questions.)
Fignewton, a Sickening person (Nancy refused to speak with that fignewton.)
Figure out To determine (I can figure out how to repair your computer.)
Figures To be expected (That figures. I thought it was the problem.)
Fill gap To replace; support (I hope we can find someone to fill the gap.)
Fill shoes To replace; substitute for (Nobody can fill Peter's shoes.)
Finder's fee Compensation for discovery (Martha is entitled to the finder's fee.)
Finders keepers, losers weepers A person who finds something can keep it. The loser cannot reclaim it.
Finest kind Excellent (This lobster bisque is finest kind!)
Fink Tattletale (The school fink often runs to rat on a student.)
Fire To lose a job (The department store fired half of its employees last week.)
Fire up 1. To Excite (A good speaker can fire up the audience.)
2. To Start (Fire up the engine and let's go to town.)
Fish or cut bait Get involved or get out.
Fix 1. To ensure an illegal action (A criminal fixed the boxing match.)
2. To prepare (She fixed dinner.)
3. A dose of narcotics (An addict looks forward to his regular fix.)
Fix wagon To get retribution; repay (someone) (Don't worry, I'll fix her wagon!)
Fizzle Failure (Aaron felt like his life was just an endless fizzle.)
Flack Trouble (Don't give me any flack!)
Flack, a A shill (Most media people today are flacks for corporate masters.)
Flake, a Superficial person (That flake dresses and acts just to attract attention.)
Flap Problem (Joel's mistake could create a flap at the company.)
Flapjack Pancake (Buddy likes to eat flapjacks for breakfast.)
Flat 1. Tire that has no air (Bill's car had a flat on the way to school.)
2. Apartment (I just rented a flat in New York City.)
Flat out Completely (Jenny flat out lied about being an actress.)
Flatfoot Policeman who walks a beat (A flatfoot arrived after thieves broke into the store.)
Flathead Stupid person (How can Beth go with a flathead like Winthrow?)
Flea-bag Dirty, run-down place (This hotel is a horrible flea-bag!)
Flick, a A movie (Do you want to watch a flick at home?)
Flip lid To become angry (I'm afraid Pietro might flip his lid because he hates lies.)
Flip off To make a rude finger motion (That jerk flipped us off.)
Flip out To become crazy or angry (She suddenly flipped out.)
Floor (someone) To surprise completely (Marco floored Anna with the news.)
Floozy Trashy woman (A big-haired floozy started yelling at us.)
Flop/Flophouse Cheap, dirty place to sleep (I hate staying in a flophouse.)
Flub To fail; make a mistake (Joan flubbed her chance to get a great job.)
Flunkie Stooge; subservient person (Congressmen have many flunkies who perform the work.)
Fly a kite!, go Rude expression: Mind your own business! Don't bother me!
Fly in the face of Counter to something; opposite (Your idea flies in the face of reason.)
Fly in the ointment An irritation; obstacle (His coming here was like a fly in the ointment.)
Fly off the handle Angry (Mom can fly off the handle about small problems.)
Foghorn Loud (Everyone can hear Ronald's foghorn voice.)
Fold To fail (That new restaurant will fold within the year.)
Follow suit Do the expected thing (As I expected, Jim is going to follow suit.)
Fool around; fool around with 1. Not serious (George means well. He's just fooling around.)
2. To be loose sexually (Marge likes to fool around with men.)
Fool with To be occupied; use (I enjoy fooling with computers.)
For a rainy day Time of trouble (We should save some money for a rainy day.)
For crying out loud Expression of mild disgust or disappointment
For kicks For fun (Rowdies decided to raid the store for kicks.)
For the birds Futile (This is for the birds. It can't be done!)
For the love of Pete Expression of mild disgust or disappointment
Forget it Do not worry (Forget it. That torn shirt was already old.)
Foul up To make a mistake (The company will not tolerate another foul up.)
Frame To make it appear that an innocent person is guilty (Clay was framed.)
Frame-up An innocent person is made to appear guilty (I won't tolerate a frame-up.)
Free feed Complimentary meal (That diner sometimes gives a free feed.)
Free lunch A handout (I don't believe in a free lunch.)
Free time Time to do whatever you desire. (I'm happy for free time away from work.)
Freebie Something that is free (That store often gives out freebies.)
Freeloader Person who always takes (Betty won't allow freeloaders to stay in the house.)
Front, a Location used as a subterfuge (That store is a front for illegal activity.)
Front and center Come to the front for recognition [Military term] (He came front and center to receive a medal.)
Frosts (me) Cause anger (It frosts me that Carl is so irresponsible.)
Frosts (my) cookie Cause anger (The false allegation frosts our cookie.)
Full blast, at Completely; top speed (Let's drive the car at full blast.)
Full of To have a surfeit (Mother is full of life.)
Full of baloney Nonsense (Oh, you're full of baloney.)
Full of beans Nonsense (He's full of beans.)
Full of bull Nonsense (That news report is full of bull.)
Full of crap Garbage; nonsense; useless things [rude] (The room is full of your crap.)
Full of hot air Boastful (That politician is full of hot air.)
Full of it Boastful (John is full of it! Don't believe him.)
Funny farm Insane asylum (Officials took Crazy John to the funny farm.)
Fuzz 1. Police (Watch out, the fuzz are monitoring traffic today.)
2. Whiskers (Dave is excited to have fuzz on his chin and cheeks.)

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