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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Hack Amateur; unskilled (Ned is just a hack writer.)
Hack it To endure (Octavio is confident that he can hack it.)
Hairy Scary (Vincent got into a hairy situation.)
Half in the bag Drunk (I think Steve is half in the bag tonight.)
Hand it to To give credit (I must hand it to you. You know the opposition.)
Hand-me-down Used item (Paula had to wear her sister's hand-me-downs.)
Handle 1. To take care of (John can handle the matter.)
2. Name used in CB [Citizen Band] radio talk (What's your handle?)
Hang around To wait (Can you hang around here for a few minutes?)
Hang out Associate with (Teenagers like to hang out together.)
Hangdog look Sad (Barbara dumped Joe and now he has a hangdog look.)
Hangout A secret location (The bank robbers went to their hangout.)
Hangover Feeling after being drunk (Oliver has a bad hangover from drinking too much last night.)
Hanker Desire [Cowboy talk] (The cowpokes have been hankering for a night on the town.)
Hard feelings To be angry (I don't have any hard feelings against you.)
Hard knocks Difficulties in life (Tom is learning from the school of hard knocks.)
Hard on To be difficult with (Donny is hard on clothes and vehicles.)
Hard sledding Difficulty (That family has endured hard sledding this past year.)
Hard up To be desperate (You must be hard up to accept a date with Evelyn.)
Hardnose Mean/strict person (Look out for the hardnose at work.)
Has-been Formerly famous, now unknown person (Many actors become has-beens.)
Hardon To be angry with; excited for (Saul has a hardon for fast cars.)
Haul out 1. To depart quickly (We better haul out of here.)
2. To remove/take out (Bobby hauled out all of his toys.)
Have a ball Much fun; enjoyable (Everyone had a ball at the party.)
Have a beef To have a complaint; [also known as "Got a beef"]
Have a blast Very fun; enjoyable (We had a blast visiting with you.)
Have a clue To be aware; know (Dorothy hasn't got a clue about how to cook.)
Have a cow To be angry/upset (You don't need to have a cow about this!)
Have a few minutes Spend time with someone (Noriko has a few minutes before going to work.)
Have a field day To enjoy (I'm going to have a field day at the British museum!)
Have a fling To have a sexual encounter (He decided against having a fling.)
Have a heart To be compassionate (Have a heart. Please forget my mistake.)
Have a screw loose Crazy (It's evident that he has a screw loose.)
Have all day Much time (I don't have all day to hear your complaint.)
Have an affair Adultery (Don't make the mistake of having an affair.)
Have an angle To scheme (Anita always seems to have an angle.)
Have enough of Sufficient (We had enough of the the party's loud noise.)
Have head examined Crazy (If you believe that, you should have your head examined.)
Have no business Not someone's concern (He has no business asking you that.)
Have the blues Dejected; despondent (Jose seems to have the blues today.)
Have the goods on To know the truth (Newsmen have the goods on our governor.)
Have time Available to do something (Dad has time now for the ball game.)
Have to Must (You have to leave now.)
Have (your) cake and eat it To gain a desired item (Jim wants to have his cake and eat it too.)
Haymaker a knockout punch (Ralph launched a haymaker to the guy's chin.)
Hayseed Farmer [rude] (Bobby is another hayseed coming to the city.)
Head, the Toilet (Sailors call a toilet the head.)
Head back To return (It's time for us to head back home.)
Head for the hills Leave quickly (Head for the hills! Trouble is coming.)
Head honcho Main leader (Who is the head honcho here?)
Head is screwed on To act or think (Joe has his head screwed on wrong.)
Head out To depart (Let's head out before it gets too late.)
Head over To go; to proceed (Bob decided to head over to the nearest table.)
Head over heels To love or be infatuated (Jill fell head over heels with Billy.)
Head spin, make Flabbergasted; unbelievable (His lies can make my head spin.)
Head up To lead (Hiroko wants to head up the dinner committee.)
Heads or tails Choose between two options (Do you want heads or tails?)
Heads up Warning; be prepared (This is a heads up. We'll have a pop quizz today.)
Headshrinker A psychiatrist
Hear you, (I) (I) understand what you mean.
Heart as big as all outdoors Very generous and kindly person
Heart bleeds To feel sorry (My heart bleeds for handicapped people.)
Heart of gold Kind and generous (Pauline has a heart of gold.)
Hearts and flowers Sentimental (Jack is feeling all hearts and flowers today.)
Heater A gun (Malone gave his gang new heaters.)
Heavy 1. Much (There is heavy traffic on the road)
2. A burden (He's not heavy; he's my brother.)
Hedge a bet To be careful (Let's leave early just to hedge our bets.)
Here's looking at you Statement or toast to recognize another person.
Here's mud in your eye Statement or toast to recognize another person.
Here's to you Statement or toast to recognize another person.
Hey Mild expression to attract attention
Hi Hello
Hick Rural person/farmer [rude] (You can find plenty of hicks out in the county.)
Hickey Mark of affection caused by sucking the skin, usually on the neck
Hide nor hair of To be seen (We never saw hide nor hair of Tim in the house.)
High, a Narcotics experience (He hoped to get a high from the dope.)
High on the hog Lavish (Fran loves to live high on the hog.)
High-hat To disdain (David decided to high-hat travel by train.)
High-strung Anxious (Jill is a bit high-strung while waiting to learn if she won.)
High-tail it out of Run cowardly [Cowboy term] (The cowpoke high-tailed it out of town.)
Hijack Take without permission (Thieves hijacked our new pickup truck.)
Hip Popular; in the know (Jeremy is a real hip guy.)
Hipped on Excited about (Matt is hipped on knowing about astronomy.)
His nibs Boss, a (His nibs expects servile service.)
Hit To visit (Mark decided to hit a few stores before returning home.)
Hit, a A success (The new movie is a big hit.)
Hit on To flirt (Richard tried to hit on Debbie.)
Hit pay dirt To become rich/lucky (She hit pay dirt with Roger.)
Hit the bottle To drink alcohol (Julius is hitting the bottle again.)
Hit the ceiling Very angry (Mom hit the ceiling after seeing Otto's bad grades.)
Hit the deck To avoid danger (People hit the deck once the shooting started.)
Hit the jackpot To win much (Benny hit the jackpot in Las Vegas.)
Hit the nail on the head Exactly right (Your evaluation of Johnny hit the nail on the head.)
Hit the road To depart (It's time for us to hit the road.)
Hit the sack To sleep (I'm very sleepy. It's time to hit the sack.)
Hit the trail To depart [Cowboy term] (Ranch hands know when to hit the trail.)
Hiya Hello to you.
Hmm Expression of contemplation
Hog (something) Not share (Carl usually hogs the ball when he plays with other people.)
Ho-hum Boring; ordinary (George has a ho-hum job and plans to quit.)
Hold a candle to A comparison (Dan doesn't hold a candle to Anna's boyfriend.)
Hold down 1. To maintain (I hope your boyfriend can hold down a job.)
2. To downtrod (someone) (You can't hold Joe down for long.)
Hold it Wait (Hold it right there! You're not coming with us.)
Hold it down Do not be loud (Let's try to hold it down. OK?)
Hold it down to a roar Do not make so much noise.
Hold (my) breath Be silent (Nate was determined to hold his breath about what happened.)
Hold on Wait (Hold on a minute. We can go later.)
Hold onto To grasp (Hold onto that idea.)
Hold the fort To defend; be watchful (Hold the fort while I look for help.)
Hold the phone! Wait (Hold the phone! I'm not ready to go yet.)
Hold up Wait; stop (Hold up there and give us a rest.)
Hold water Validity (Joe's concept doesn't hold water.)
Hold (your) horses Be patient (Hold your horses. We still have time before the movie starts.)
Holdup A robbery (A gang made a holdup at the bank.)
Hole in the head Crazy; ridiculous (You must have a hole in the head. That's a crazy idea.)
Hole up To hide (Don realized it was not sage to hole up in his home.)
Holler uncle To admit defeat (Boys hit Sammy until he hollered uncle.)
Holy cow Expression of surprise
Holy hannah Expression of surprise
Holy mackeral Expression of surprise
Holy smoke Expression of surprise
Homerun 1. Score a run in American baseball (Babe Ruth was a great homerun hitter.)
2. A success (The company scored a homerun with its new product.)
Honey Term of endearment (Honey, I'll be home late tonight.)
Honey trap Espionage method to entrap a target by using sex
Honeybunch Term of endearment (Don't worry, honeybunch. I won't forget to buy milk.)
Hooch Self-made liquor (Old Zeke likes to distill his own hooch.)
Hood, a Thug; bully (Hoods at the high school bully younger students.)
Hoof it To walk (We have to hoof it because my car is being repaired.)
Hooker Prostitute (Hookers have a good business in red light districts.)
Hop, skip and jump Close (My home is only a hop, skip and jump from here.)
Hop to it Move quickly (After receiving an order, the soldiers hopped to it.)
Hopping mad Very angry (Better be careful. Anna is hopping mad at you.)
Horn, the Telephone (I'll talk to her. Give me the horn.)
Horn in To interrupt (Hey, I didn't ask you to horn in.)
Horny Sexually stimulated (He's starting to act horny.)
Horse around To joke; act silly (Victor decided that he was too old to horse around.)
Horse's ass A fool (He acted like a horse's ass again.)
Hoss Fellow (also means "horse") [Cowboy talk] (Hey, hoss. Where are you going?)
Hot 1. Sexy (I think she looks hot.)
2. Very desirable (This new computer is a hot item.)
3. Stolen or illegal (I refuse to buy any hot goods.)
Hot air Boastful (His promise was nothing but hot air.)
Hot diggity! Expression of pleasure (Hot diggity! That's a great idea.)
Hot dog 1. Wiener in a bun (Jill refused to eat a hot dog for lunch.)
2. A person who shows off (Bobby is too much of a hot dog.)
3. To show off (Joey is hot-dogging again.)
Hot dog! Expression of pleasure (Hot dog! I really want to go with you today.)
Hot lips Sexually active (She's not called Hot Lips for nothing.)
Hot number 1. Sexy girl (Mike is going with a hot number.)
2. Desirable item (That song is a hot number on the radio.)
Hot potato Trouble; delicate problem (One agency passed its hot potato onto another.)
Hot time Excitement (Everyone expected to have a hot time at the party.)
Hot to trot Ready for action (The guys are hot to trot tonight.)
Hotrod Specialty car that is fast (Two hotrods will race near the school tonight.)
Hotrod around To cruise in town (Let's hotrod around tonight and get a few girls.)
Hots for, the To be infatuated with someone (Susan has the hots for Mark.)
Hound (someone) To torment (Corrupt officials are hounding Henry to sell his farm.)
Housedick Hotel detective (The Grand Hotel in New York City has a housedick.)
How about (you)? 1. Is this what you want? [also said as How 'bout or Howz 'bout]
2. This is what I want. Can I have it? (How about this?)
How come? Why? (How come you didn't help us last night?)
How do you like them apples? Do you like this situation?
How does that grab you? Do you like that? [Also said as: Howz that grab ya?]
How the dickens? How did that happen?
Howdy Hello [Cowboy talk]
Huh? What?
Hurry up Be quick (We should hurry up or we'll miss the bus.)
Hustle dates To take a boy or a girl out for a fun time together
Hustler Person who takes advantage of another
Hyped Excited (Everyone is hyped about the Disneyland trip.)

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