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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

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Significant Event:
    Athribis Stele
    Battle of the Delta

Main Cities: Byblos; Heliopolis; Memphis
Time: 1250-1175 BC
Language: Minoan; Mycenaean
Personage: Ramesses III
Religion: Animism and Various Gods
Related Country: Egypt; Israel

Brief History:
      I have included only a few items concerning the history of this empire. A good source for more details can be found on Wikipedia or in history books.

Nile River Delta in Egypt
Click Map to Enlarge
      This group of seafaring raiders invaded Canaan, Cyprus, Egypt and Ugarit (modern Syria) circa 1250 BC. They were composed of Achaeans from: Greece; Lukka (Lycia in southwest Anatolia); Palastu; Philistines who spoke Greek; Sardenu and Nugaric warriors from Sardinia; Sherden (aka Shardana); Siculi from Sicily; Teresh and Tyrrhenians (possible ancestors of the Etruscans). Pharaoh Ramesses III defeated them in a Battle of the Delta. It also was an attempt to reassert control over regions that previously had been taken by Ramesses II. Egyptian forces countered a Sea Peoples' Nile delta landing and fought them aboard ships.

      Early Sea People migrations in search of new land during the late Bronze Age led to the fall of the Hittites, Mitanni and Mycenae. Failure to invade the Nile River delta convinced Sea People leaders to settle in Canaan. Their ships landed warriors who pushed inland after overpowering ill-prepared foes aboard ship. They eventually were called the Philistines, who established five cities. They ruled by superior weaponry and tactics until the rise of Israel reduced their influence.

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