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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

God/Goddess and Brief Description:
Abzu   god of fresh water and lover of Tiamat.
Meaning: ab (ocean) zu (to know)
Adad storm god (aka Ramman); worshipped in Akkad and Urartu
Meaning: ramman (thunderer)
Ananaki deities of ancient Akkadia; Assyria; Babylonia; Sumeria.
Meaning: the fallen ones
Anu god of heaven and kingship; consort of Sin; father of Ishtar. Likewise worshipped in Babylonia.
Ashur god of war (Mars); husband of Mullitu and consort of Ishtar
Damkina   wife of Ea; similar to Ninlil of Sumeria
Ea husband of Damkina; similar to Enki of Sumeria
Ishtar ferility and mother goddess (Venus); daughter of Anu and Sin; consort of Ashur. Likewise worshipped in Babylonia.
Marduk Sun god; son of Ea and Damkina; father of Nabu
Mullitu   wife of Ashur
Meaning: Lady of the Air [aka Sud]
Nabu god of writing; son of Marduk; represented by Mercury
Ninurta god of agriculture, storms and war; patron of Assyrian city of Nimrud. Also worshipped in Sumeria
Ramman storm god
Shamash brother of Ishtar; Superior Sun (Saturn) god during period of revival after collapse of the Akkadian Empire; later adopted by Parthian Empire
Sin Moon god; father of the gods, including Ishkur; Likewise worshipped in Akkad.
Meaning: lord of wisdom (en-zu)
Tiamat salt water chaos monster and lover of Abzu.
Meaning: ti'amtum (sea)

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