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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

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Significant Event:
    Mede Soldiers

Main Cities: Ecbatane; Pasargadac
Time: 800-539 BC
Language: Old Persian
Personage: Cyrus; Deioces
Religion: Mede Gods
Related Country: Iran

Map of Median Empire
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Brief History:
      I have included only a few items concerning the history of this empire. A good source for more details can be found on Wikipedia or in history books.

      Between the 10th and 7th centuries BC, Assyria dominated the Medes and Persians. Deioces united Median tribes, ousted the Assyrians and founded the Median Empire. His grandson, Nebopolassar, expanded the Chaldean Empire (aka Neo-Babylonia) and destroyed Nineveh in 612 BC.

      Cyrus the Great unified the Medes and Persians into what became the Persian Empire. He conquered the Median Empire, Lydia and Neo-Babylonia. He failed to invade Egypt due to his death in battle with the Massagetae people along the Syr Darya River on 4 December 530 BC. The son of Cyrus, Cambyses II, succeeded to the throne and expanded the Persian Empire.

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