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Mel and Wes Stories
Each story flows into the next if you start with Suburban San Diego.
(I add new stories and Slang Terms periodically.)
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United States of America: International Locations:
  • California: Suburban San Diego
  • California: Inside the House
  • California: At the Park
  • California: Dinner at Home
  • California: Downtown San Diego
  • California: At the Airport
  • Hawaii: Waikiki and Oahu
  • Hawaii: Outer Islands
  • Lousiana: Bayou Sea Turtle
  • Lousiana: Madi Gras
  • Maryland: Baseball in Baltimore
  • Montana: Mountain Indian Cave
  • Montana: Punching Cows
  • Washington D.C.: Sight-Seeing
  • China: Forbidden City
  • China: Great Wall
  • China: Terracotta Warriors
  • England: Museum in London
  • England: Stonehenge
  • England: Hadrian's Wall
  • Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Japan: Peaceful Garden in Tokyo
  • Japan: Famous Shrines
  • Laos: Giant Catfish
  • Mexico: Butterfly "Snow"
  • Mexico: Mayan Ruins
  • Mexico: Teotihuacan Pyramids
  • Scotland: Loch Ness
  • Switzerland: Mountain Wonderland
  • Thailand: Shopping in Bangkok
  • Thailand: Temples in Bangkok
  • Thailand: Elephants in Lampang
  • Thailand: Water Festival

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