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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

God/Goddess and Brief Description:
Abzu   god of fresh water and lover of Tiamat.
Meaning: ab (ocean) zu (to know)
Adapan   first man (similar to Adam); created world; gave speech to man
Ananaki deities of ancient Akkadia; Assyria; Babylonia; Sumeria.
Meaning: the fallen ones
Anshar sky god; husband and brother of Kishar; father of Enlil.
Meaning: an (heaven) shar (pivot)
Anu (An) supreme god of heaven and kingship; consort of Sin; father of Enki, Enlil and Ishtar. Likewise worshipped in Assyria and Babylonia.
Meaning: an (heaven)
Anunnaki   four gods of creation
Ashnan   goddess of grain; sister of Lahar
Bel (See Bel Temple) god of magic; son of Enlil; patron of Babylon; aka Bel-Marduk and Marduk
Dagon grain and fertility god.
Meaning: digan (grain)
Dumuzid consort of Inanna
Ea   four gods of creation
Enki lord of Earth; god of water and wisdom; patron of writing; husband of Inanna; survived world flood (similar to Noah).
Meaning: en (lord) ki (earth)
Enlil storm god; son of Anu and Ki; consort of Ninlil; father of Nanna. Likewise worshipped in Akkad and Babylonia.
Meaning: en (lord) lil (storm)
Ereshkigal goddess of the underworld; first wife of Gugalanna.
Meaning: Queen of Great Earth
Gilgamesh epic hero and fifth king of Uruk; honored in Mari
Gugalanna represented by Mars; aka Bull of Heaven; husband of Ereshkigal
Meaning: canal inspector of An
Inanna fertility goddess (Venus); Lady of Heaven; sister of Utu; patron of store-houses. consort of Dumuzid; [same as Ishtar = Venus]
Meaning: non (lady) an (sky)
Ishkur storm god (aka Adad and Ramman); worshipped in Akkad, Assyria and Urartu
Meaning: ramman (thunderer)
Ki (Urash)   Earth goddess; consort of Anu; mother of Enlil.
Meaning: ki (earth)
Kishar   Earth mother goddess; wife and sister of Anshar; mother of Anu; daughter of Lahmu and Lahamu.
Meaning: ki (earth) shar (pivot)
Lahamu   sister of Lahmu; daughter of Abzu and Tiamat
Lahar   god of cattle; brother of Ashnan
NOTE: Term currently used for a volcanic mudflow
Lahmu   brother of Lahamu; first son of Abzu and Tiamat; father of Anshar and Kishar.
Meaning: muddy one
Marduk god of magic; son of Enlil; father of Nabu; patron of Babylon; aka Bel and Bel-Marduk
Nammu   sea goddess (aka Engur); mother of Sumerian dieties; similar to Tiamat of Babylon.
Nanna Moon god; son of Enlil and Ninlil; brother of Ninurta. Likewise worshipped in Babylonia and Akkad as Sin.
Meaning: lord of wisdom
Ninlil (Sud) goddess; consort of Enlil; mother of Nanna and Ninurta. Likewise worshipped in Sumeria.
Ninurta god of agriculture, storms and war (Saturn); son of Enlil and Ninlil; patron of Lagash and Assyrian city of Nimrud.
Shamash Sun god during period of revival after collapse of the Akkadian Empire; later adopted by Parthian Empire
Utu Sun god; governed the day and rendered justice; brother of Inanna.
Meaning: ud (sun)

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