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Animals of Africa:
African Porcupine Cape Buffalo Crowned Crane Gerenuk
Greater Kudu Giraffe Grey-Crowned Crane Guinea Fowl
Honey Badger Impala Lion Lions Attack Kudu
Lord Derby Eland Oryx Nyala & Sable Roan Antelope
Roan Antelope Sable Antelope Sititunga Spurwing Goose
Steinbok Stork Thompson's Gazelle Vultures
Warthog Watusi Cattle White-Eared Kob Zebra
Animals of the Arctic Region:
Arctic Fox Arctic Wolf Beluga Lynx & Snowshoe Hare
Mountain Caribou Muskox Muskox Polar Bear
Animals of Asia:
Crowned Pidgeon Komodo Dragon Pygmy Goose Snow Monkey
Animals of North America:
Alaska Brown Bear American Bison Badger Bass
Beaver Black Bear Black Bear Blue Grouse
Blue-Winged Teal Bobcat Brown Bear Catfish
Common Eider Common Wolf Coots & Mallards Coyote
Dall's Sheep Dall's Sheep Desert Sheep Desert Sheep
Donkey Elk Elk Elk
Elk Cow Fisher Fisher Gray Squirrel
Ground Squirrel Grizzly Bear Hoary Marmot Jack Rabbit
Killer Whale Mallard Duck Mink Moose
Mountain Goat Mountain Goat Mountain Lion Mule Deer
Mule Deer Mule Deer Mule Deer Mule Deer
Pelican Pine Marten Porcupine Prairie Dogs
Prairie Dogs Pronghorn Antelope Quail Raccoon
Rattlesnake Red Fox Ringneck Pheasant Ringneck Pheasant
Sage Grouse Sea Turtle Shiras Moose Shiras Moose Cow
Silver Phase Red Fox Skunk Spruce Grouse Stone's Sheep
Turkey Whitetail Deer Whitetail Doe Wolverine
Animals of South America:
Condor Javelina Llama Vicuña
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