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God/Goddess and Brief Description:
Al-Lat great goddess; daughter of Hubal. Likewise worshipped in Petra. Known as Allatu at Carthage
Al-Uzzá goddess of love (Venus); daughter of Hubal. Likewise worshipped in Petra.
Baal god of war (Mars) and weather; son of Asherah and El; brother and consort of Anath; brother of Mot and Yamm; aka Hadad (Thunderer); often mentioned in Bible/Old Testament
Bel (See Bel Temple) god of magic; son of Enlil; patron of Babylon; aka Bel-Marduk and Marduk
Dhushara lord of the mountain; son of Manat
Hubal   lord god (Moon); father of Al-Lat, Al-Uzzá and Manat; head god of Kabaa.
Meaning: hu (god/spirit) baal (lord)
Manat   goddess of fate; daughter of Hubal; mother of Dhushara.

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