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Right Margin Options:
These often consist of Links that are arranged vertically. Help the user by listing your links in alphabetic order. When a user clicks on a Link, the computer code displays either new web page or goes to a specific location (Anchor) within a web page. The anchor can be within the same web page or to a specific location on a different page. See Left Margin Options.

Note the right margin links on this page. A sample of Right Margin links follows. You may edit the terms in BLUE.

<table summary="right margin options" width="100%">
<td nowrap bgcolor="#CCCC99">
<!-- begin Right Margin Module -->
<b><i><font size="+1">Subject:</font></i></b>
<td nowrap><b>
<a title="Sample Link 3" href="3.htm">Sample Link 3</a><br />
<a title="Sample Link 4" href="4.htm">Sample Link 4</a>
<!-- end Right Margin Module -->

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