Roman Campaigns

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Aeneas Escapes Troy Sabine Women Seige of Rome Samnite Wars
Battle of Heraclea Cape Ecnomus Crossing the Alps Battle of Trebia
Lake Trasimene Battle of Cannae Battle of Cannae Battle of Zama
Cynoscephalae Battle of Pydna Helvetii Tribe Battle of Vercellae
Roman Warship Gladiator Spartacus Crucifixion of Rebels
Battle of the Saône Caesar Invades Britain Battle of Kent Battle of Carrhae
Battle of Alésia Vercingétorix Cleopatra VII Battle of Munda
Assassination of Caesar Battle of Actium Death of Cleopatra Teutoburg Forest
Teutoburg Forest Siege of Jerusalem Siege of Jerusalem Fall of Jerusalem
Siege of Massada Dacian Wars Battle of Resaena Battle of Châlons

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