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Story Information:
First Composed: 2015
First Published: 2016
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan
Writer: Robert Goldsborough

Victim #1: Cameron Clay
Murderer: None (Clay staged his suicide as a murder)
Motive: Torment his enemies
Weapon: pistol bullet to head
Client: New York Gazette Newspaper
Fee: $50,000

Story Synopsis:
      Robert Goldsborough story #11 about Nero Wolfe's continued exploits. Dialog between Archie Goodwin and his colleagues again reflected Goldsborough's pomposity. Likewise, dialog between Archie and Lily Rowen was forced and pedantic.
      Contrary to expectations, Wolfe deduced that Clay staged his suicide in a manner designed to implicate five enemies in a faux murder. They included his ex-wife, a corrupt policeman, and three other shady New York City notables. Inspector Cramer greatly surprised Wolfe and Archie in hoping to work for Wolfe if he ever would be forced off the police force.
Stop the Presses!
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