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     The following list includes book titles and authors of works that Nero Wolfe read in various stories.  Asterisk (*) signifies a book written by a character in one of the Wolfe mysteries.


BOOK                                          AUTHOR

African Genesis                                Robert Ardrey

Beauty for Ashes                               Christopher La Farge

But We Were Born Free                          Elmer Pavis

Chasm of the Mind, The                     *   Andrew Hibbard

Crusade in Europe                              Dwight Eisenhower

Devil Take the Hindmost, The               *   Paul Chapin

Essays                                         Macaulay

Fall, The                                      Albert Camus

FBI Nobody Knows, The                          Fred Cook

First Circle, The                              Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Future of Germany, The                         Karl Jaspers

Grant Takes Command                            Bruce Catton

Here and Now                                   Herbert Block

History of Human Marriage                      Westermarck

Iliad                                          Fitzgerald (translator)

Inside Europe                                  John Gunther

Inside Russia Today                            John Gunther

Incredible Victory                             Walter Lord

Invitation to an Inquest                       Walter & Miriam Schneir

Iron Heel, The                             *   Paul Chapin

Jungle Book, The                               Rudyard Kipling

Lotus and the Robot, The                       Arthur Koestler

Love from London                               Gilbert Gabriel

Man's Rise to Civilization as Shown by         Peter Fare

  the Indians of North America from

  Primeval Times to the Coming of the

  Industrial State

Mathematics for the Million                    Hogben

Minister and the Choir Singer, The             Kunstler

Modern Arms and Free Men                       Vannevar Bush

Montaigne's Essays                             Montaigne

My Life in Court                               Louise Nizer

Native's Return, The                           Louis Adamic

Outline of Man's Knowledge of the              Lyman Bryson (editor)

  Modern World, An

Palace Guard, The                              Gary Gates and Dan Rather

Party of One                                   Clifton Fadiman

Power and Policy                               Thomas K. Finletter

Put Not Your Trust                         *   Leonard Dykes

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The          Shirer

Science: The Glorious Entertainment            Jacques Barzum

Secret Understanding, A                        Mere Miller

Seven Pillars of Wisdom                        T.H. Lawrence

Silent Spring                                  Rachel Carson

Special Report                                 Herblock

Sudden Guest, The                              Christopher La Farge

Survey of Symbolic Logic, A                    C.I. Lewis

Travels with Charley                           John Steinbeck

Treasure of Our Tongue, The                    Lincoln Barnett

Under Cover                                    John Roy Carlson

United Yugoslavia                              Henderson

Universe and Dr. Einstein, The                 Lincoln Barnett

Why the Gods Laugh                         *   Philip Harvey

William Shakespeare                            A.L. Rowse

World Peace Through World Law                  Grenville Clark and

                                                 Louis Sohn