Taco Salad

(by Pauline Hurst)
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Cheddar Cheese (grated) Ground Beef (extra lean)
Lettuce (shredded) Oil (1 tbs.)
Onions (chopped) Tabasco Sauce (or Pauline's Sauce)
Tomato (diced) Tortilla Chips
SAUCE INGREDIENTS: (Add to Your Taste)
Black Pepper Chopped Cilantro (optional)
Chopped Garlic (fresh) Chopped Parsley
Dill Weed Lemon Juice (few drops)
Onion and Scallions Oregano
Tabasco Sauce Tomato


      In a pan on medium heat, cook meat and chopped onions with the oil until well done. (Recommend using olive or grape seed oil.) Put several spoonfuls in each heated taco shell.
      Add all sauce ingredients to a blender and mix at high speed. On a plate, place some ground beef, diced tomato and grated cheese on top of lettuce. Top with a bit of sauce. Surround with tortilla chips. Serve hot.

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picture of Taco Salad
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