California: At the Airport
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Lesson: At the Airport

Setting the scene:

      The family of Mel and Wes depart from their home in the suburb of Mira Mesa. They take a taxi that goes through downtown San Diego and drops them off at the airport terminal for international flights.
      They enter the terminal with suitcases and carryon bags.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Lady; Mel; Mom; Wes
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  • "Speed Talk" is in pink; meaning is in [brackets].


    Dad:       Everyone, we need to find the United Airlines desk and check in.

    Wes:       Roger. I'll get our luggage for Mom. She wants stuff ready so we can wheel our bags over there.

    Mel:       I can help ya [you]. Mom, Come on. Let's get the carryon things in one pile. That'll [that will] make it easier for Dad.

    Mom:     Yes, and be sure to keep our passports together.

    Dad:       Better let me take all of those and the tickets, just to be safe.

    Wes:       Mel, I can round up the bags while Dad handles the paperwork. It's more efficient if we run things as a joint operation.

    [At the check-in counter, a woman verifies ticket information and places tags on the checked baggage. She then gives boarding passes to passengers.]

    Lady:      Good morning, sir. May I see your tickets and passports, please?

    Dad:       Yes, I believe that everything is in order. There are four of us traveling to Bangkok. Can you tell me where the business class lounge is located?

    Lady:      It's on the upper level not far from your boarding gate. Go straight down the center passage, take the escalator, and turn left. You'll see the lounge on your left, with a United sign prominently displayed. Please listen for your boarding call while you wait. Drinks and food are complimentary. Here are your boarding passes. Enjoy the flight and I hope you enjoy Bangkok. I went there two years ago and had a great vacation!

    Dad:       Thank you, but this actually is a business trip for me. Although the family will get a kick out of it while I work.

    [The family finds the lounge and begins the long wait for their flight.]

    Mom:     I don't usually like airport food, but this is good. The lounge is very clean, too.

    Wes:       Not too shabby. Guess I'll grab a bite before I have to find a can and take a dump. Don't want to be inconvenienced when we finally take off.

    Mom:     Wes, watch your mouth! Other people might hear. There is no reason to be crude or rude.

    Wes:       OK, Mom. Don't have a cow. I'll be more careful.

    Dad:       Listen, everyone! They're announcing our flight. Gather the bags and let's head out. You better be quick, Wes.

    [The family boards, finds their assigned seats, and stores carryon bags in the overhead bins. Their jet aircraft finally taxies to the designated runway and roars into the air. The family must change planes at the international airport in Los Angeles. After several hours, the next leg of their journey is a flight to Tokyo, Japan. From there, the family endures a long flight to Thailand. Click here to see the following story: Shopping in Bangkok.]

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