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God/Goddess and Brief Description:
Brahma god of creation ("unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world"); also worshipped by Gupta. Corruption of Abraham's teachings about God the Father.
Indra god of weather and war; located on sacred Mount Meru; also worshipped by Gupta
Krishna "Finder of the Cows"; also worshipped by Gupta
Meaning: all attractive; dark
Mount Meru home of Hindu gods; located in modern Tajikistan
Rama avatar of Vishnu; king of Ayodhya; also worshipped by Gupta
Shiva great god; lord; also worshipped by Gupta
Meaning: shi (the auspicious one)
Vishnu supreme being (aka Narayana; Hari); also worshipped by Gupta
Meaning: vis (to settle)
Yogi a master of yoga; also admired by Gupta

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