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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

Brief Description:
Abraham Hebrew prophet who first settled in the area of modern Israel
Meaning: father of a multitude
Adam first man on earth and husband of Eve; Hebrews claim he was on Earth at 3760 BC
Meaning: many; red earth
Eve first woman on earth and wife of Adam
Meaning: living
Jehovah [yhwh] Unchangeable One; refers to Jesus Christ
Lilith falsely claimed to be the first wife of Adam; similar to Ereshkigal of Sumeria. Feared as a kidnapper of children.
Meaning: Night Hag
Lucifer spirit son of God the Father; called Satan after his fall from heaven.
Meaning: Light Bearer
Moses prophet who led Hebrews out of ancient Egypt; brought up as an Egyptian prince
Meaning: drawn out; savior
Noah prophet who saved family and animals aboard an Ark from a world flood
Meaning: comfort; rest
Samuel Hebrew prophet who reluctantly ordained Saul as the first king in ancient Israel
Meaning: God heard
Satan spirit son of God the Father; called Lucifer before his fall from heaven.
Meaning: Slanderer
Temple house of God that king Solomon made in Jerusalem

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