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God/Goddess and Brief Description:
A'as   god of wisdom; similar to Enki of Sumeria
Arinniti Sun goddess
Aruna   god of the sea; mother of Kamrusepa
Meaning: sea
Aserdus   fertility goddess ; wife of Elkunirsa
Elkunirsa   god of creation; husband of Aserdus
Ellel   sky god
Halki   god of grain
Hannahannah   mother goddess (Earth); similar to Inanna of Sumeria
Hanwasuit   goddess of sovereignty
Hapantali   pastoral goddess
Hasameli   god of metalworkers and craftsmen; similar to Hephaestus of Greece
Hatepuna   daughter of the sea; wife of Telipinu
Meaning: ha (sea) puna (child)
Hutena   goddesses of fate; similar to Moirai of Greece
Inar   god of woods and fields
Inara   goddess of wild animals
Ishara   goddess of love and oaths
Meaning: binding promise; treaty
Istanu   Sun god
Istustaya   goddess of destiny
Jarri   god of plague
Meaning: lord of the bow
Kamrusepa   goddess of healing; mother of Aruna
Kaskuh   god of the Moon
Kubaba goddess and consort of Teshub
Kurunta   god of wild animals
Lelwani   god of the underworld
Papaya   goddess of destiny
Rundas   god of the hunt
Sandan lion god
Shaushka   goddess of fertility (Venus) and healing
Sutekh   god of weather; similar to Teshub of Mitanni
Telipinu   god of farming; husband of Hatepuna
Ubelluria   god of dreams
Underworld Gods 12 gods of the underworld
Warrukatte   god of war (Mars); aka Zababa

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