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(Text by Duane R. Hurst © 2013)

God/Goddess and Brief Description:
Budai bringer of contentment; aka Hotei and Pu-Tai
Meaning: cloth sack
Cai Shen god of wealth
Meaning: cloth sack
Changxi   Moon goddess; wife of Di Jun
Daode Tianzun one of the Three Pure Ones
Di Jun   god of agriculture; emperor and husband of Changxi and Xihe
Dragon King ruler of the ocean
Erlang Shen   god with a third truth-seeing eye
Fei Lian   god of the wind
Gun   demi-god who made dykes to control the Great Flood; father of Yu the Great
Houyi god of archery; husband of Chang'e
Kui Xing god of examinations
Lei Gong god of thunder
Meaning: duke of thunder
Lingbao Tianzun one of the Three Pure Ones
Pa-Cha   god who protects farmers against locusts
Pangu first man on earth
Qi (Houji)   legendary cultural hero who introduced millet to mankind during the Xia Dynasty
Meaning: lord of millet
Shang Di supreme sky god (aka Tai Di and Tian Di)
Taizu high god
Meaning: grand progenitor
Tu Di Gong god of fortune and virtue
Wenchang Wang god of culture and literature
Wu-Gong Moon god
Xihe Sun goddess; wife of Di Jun
Xuan Wu god of elements and magic
Meaning: dark or mysterious warrior
Yama god of the underworld
Ying-Hua   god of war (Mars)
Yao   divine; son of god (Jupiter)
Yu Di ruler of heaven
Meaning: jade emperor
Yu Shi   god of rain
Yuanshi Tianzun one of the Three Pure Ones
Zao Jun kitchen god
Zhong Kui vanquisher of evil beings and ghosts
Zhu Rong   god of fire and the south

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